Organization of Aix-Marseille University


PRE- Presidency
AC - Accounting Agency
VPSF - Statutory and Functional Vice-Presidents
VPD - Deputy Vice-Presidents
CP - Advisors to the President
DGS - Services Branch


A*MIDEX University Foundation
IMéRA Foundation


CPD - Continuous Improvement Branch
CFO - Financial Affairs Directorate
DAJI - Legal and Institutional Affairs Directorate
DCP - Directorate of Public Procurement
SDD - Sustainable Development Directorate
DDPI - Direction du développement du patrimoine immobilier (Real Estate Development Directorate)
DEPIL - Real Estate and Logistics Asset Management Department
DEVE - Directorate of Studies and Student Life
DFD - Directorate of Doctoral Training
DHSE - Health, Safety and Environment Department
DIRCOM - Communication Directorate
DPCG - Direction du pilotage et du contrôle de gestion
SEPPD - Socio-Economic Partnership Branch
HRD - Human Resources Directorate
GVRD - Research and Commercialization Branch


DOSI - Information System Operations Directorate
DRI - International Relations Directorate
IIECJ - Inter-University Institute of Jewish Studies and Culture
IMéRA - Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Research
IREM - Research Institute for Mathematics Education
MIRRel - Interdisciplinary House of Language Resources and Research
SCASC - Common Service for Social and Cultural Action
CSSD - Common Service of Donated Bodies to Science
SCD - Common Documentation Service
COMPUS - Joint AMU University Press Service
SIUMPPS - Inter-University Service for Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion
SUAPS - University Service of Physical and Sports Activities of Aix-Marseille
SFPC - Continuing Professional Development Service
SUFLE - University service of French as a foreign language
SUIO - Service universitaire d'insertion et d'orientation (University Service for Integration and Guidance)
SUMPP - University Service of Preventive Medicine for Personnel
UTL - University of Leisure Time


Arts, Letters, Languages and Humanities Sector
ALLSH - Faculties of Arts, Humanities, Languages, Social Sciences and Humanities
CFMI - Centre de formation des musiciens intervenants
MMSH - Mediterranean House of Human Sciences
Law and Political Science Sector
FDSP - Faculty of Law and Political Science
IMPGT - Institute of Public Management and Territorial Governance
Economic and management sector
EJCAM - School of Journalism and Communication of Aix-Marseille
FEG - Faculty of Economics and Management
IAE - Institute of Business Administration
IRT - Regional Labour Institute
Health sector
PHARMA - Faculty of Pharmacy
SMPM - Faculty of Medical and Paramedical Sciences
Science and Technology Sector
SDS - Faculty of Science
FSS - Faculty of Sport Science
POLYTECH - Polytech Marseille
PYTHEAS - Pytheas Institute - Observatory of the sciences of the universe
Multidisciplinary components
ESPE - Higher School of Professorship and Education
IUT- University Institute of Technology of Aix-Marseille










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core services
shared facilities