High level sportsmen and women

sportifs de haut niveau

If you are active in sports at a high level, Aix-Marseille University allows you to reconcile your sports career with your higher education.

1. Athletes concerned

The awarding of NHS-AMU status is based on sporting achievements and training constraints. Students registered on the ministerial lists or belonging to a training centre or training centre of a professional club are eligible for SHN-AMU List 1 status.
Athletes who do not qualify for this status but who have a significant sporting record (national or inter-regional elite) and significant training constraints are eligible for SHN-AMU List 2 status.

2. Benefits of NHS-AMU status

SHN-AMU students will be able to benefit, according to the possibilities of each course, from pedagogical facilities:
- Specific organization of the timetable;
- Arrangements for exams;
- Adapted pedagogical devices;
- Tutoring;
These arrangements will be described in a pedagogical contract signed between the educational referent, the sports referent and the SHN-AMU student.

3. Steps

Students wishing to benefit from the SHN-AMU status must log on to eCandidate and submit their application between 08 July and 25 September 2020. You will find below all the administrative steps to apply for SHN-AMU status.

1) Go to the eCandidate platform (ENT > Education > eCandidate) or to the following address https://candidatures.univ-amu.fr/. Create an application account if you have not already used eCandidate for the academic year in question.

2) Choose the enrolment application centre: this is your enrolment component for the academic year concerned or the component where you have confirmed your wish following a favourable opinion.

3) Complete and submit an application form for the list that applies to you:

  • High Level Athlete registered on the ministerial list - List 1
  • High Level Athlete who can justify a substantial record of achievement - List 2

4) Follow the progress of your application by email and on the eCandidate platform.

The High Level Commission will meet on 05 October 2020 to decide on the applications for the SHN-AMU status for the academic year 2020/2021.

Take care of yourself!

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Contact information

If you have any questions about administrative procedures, study arrangements, you should contact, as a priority, the pedagogical referent of your component.

For any other question: Romain FERRER - romain.ferrer@univ-amu.fr - Manager of the SHN-AMU cell.

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