Logements étudiants

1. Student Services

For more information on housing, scholarships, university catering and student jobs, visit the official website of the student life portal of the network of university and school works.

2. CROUS University Residences

The accommodation managed by the Crous is primarily allocated to students whose families have limited resources via the entry of the EHR (Student Social File).

Rooms and studios are normally allocated in June/July, but depending on withdrawals and early departures, additional admissions may be granted throughout the year, including for the second half of the year, excluding DSE entries.

3. Housing: the new AMU housing platform in partnership with Studapart

The platform centralizes offers close to university campuses: owners, agencies, student residences, etc.

Consult the accommodation guides 2018 / 2019 :

Students have offers in France and abroad for their outgoing mobility (internship, exchange...).

4. Lokaviz, student housing centre

"Lokaviz" is the national portal for student accommodation. It allows you to consult the housing offers of the CROUS or private individuals using a multi-criteria search. You can search for accommodation according to criteria of location, type and amount of rent!

5. Amphi Output

Created with the support of the City of Marseille, Sortie d'Amphi brings together many practical services within a minibus on campus.

6. Koloc'in solidarity with AFEV

Are you looking for a place to live? Do you want to get involved in your neighbourhood? What if your desire for community involvement goes through the roommate?


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