The arrangements

Les aménagements

1. Study arrangements

The aids can be human or technical *:

  • Note-taking assistance for courses
  • Adaptation of documents (enlargement, transcription, Braille, scanning...)
  • Assistance with personal work (tutoring, documentary research, etc.)
  • Communication support (LSF interpreter, LPC coder...)
  • Timetable arrangements (for example, to take care into account)
  • Photocopy card

It is important to note that living auxiliaries (for essential acts of life) fall within the competence of the Departmental House of Disabled Persons (MDPH).

2. Examination arrangements

Depending on the situation, the examination arrangements may be as follows *:

  • Increase of the composition time (1/3 time)
  • Adaptation of examination topics
  • Review Secretariat
  • Punctual loan of a laptop computer

(* non-exhaustive list)

study facilities
examination accommodations
life support workers
disability mission