Apprenticeship tax

Taxe apprentissage

The apprenticeship tax is an essential resource for our training courses. It is a tax paid before March 1 of each year by an employer in respect of the calendar year. This tax helps to provide students with the means necessary for their academic success. Each company is free to choose and designate the beneficiary of the TA (apprenticeship tax) payment.

1. Why pay your tax to Aix-Marseille University?

By paying your apprenticeship tax to Aix-Marseille University, you choose to help us finance:

  • new training courses that meet the needs of the socio-economic world as closely as possible,
  • the documentary collection of Aix-Marseille University made available to students and actors from the socio-economic world,
  • educational material for our training sites (scientific equipment for practical work, computer equipment, audio-visual equipment, etc.),
  • internships for students going abroad,
  • the translation of international conferences by professional translators.

2. What are the steps to pay the apprenticeship tax?

The payment of the TA must be made to an apprenticeship tax collecting body (OCTA) which acts as an intermediary. You can contact an OCTA or your accountant to complete the TA payment slip for the training of your choice:

apprenticeship tax
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