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The CIPE meetings are actions organized regularly by the service. Based on precise themes, they are actions in the service of pedagogy that complement the pedagogical conferences and the colloquium: the Café'CIPE and the Express'o CIPE.

Café 'CIPE

Logo du CaféCIPEThe Café'CIPE are workshops for exchanges and practices. The members of the CIPE come to meet you on the different campuses of Aix-Marseille University, to exchange with you on university pedagogy, digital tools, practice and collect your expectations, needs, ideas and suggestions. Over coffee (or tea), come and share your pedagogical practices, your use of digital technology in your teaching, or discover "useful tools" for teaching: planned and indirect uses, collaborative work...

Next ICSB Café >> in preparation <<

The themes that have been covered in previous editions are

  • Creativity at the heart of the teachings
  • Serious game, simulation, virtual reality,
  • Cognitive mapping (mental maps, mind maps, concept maps),
  • Digital accessibility,
  • Private law, copyright, image rights,
  • Innovative spaces,
  • Evaluation,
  • e-learning,
  • Multimedia and interactive resources,
  • Active pedagogy, APP,
  • Portfolios, e-portfolios, efoliAM,
  • Social networks,
  • TICE & Languages

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CIPE Express'o

Logo express'o CIPELe CIPE vous propose un rendez-vous informatif autour de l’enseignement et de la pédagogie : dans un temps court d'une heure, exploration au sein d'un thème, d'une question.

This workshop can be followed in two ways: 🎧 online in a virtual room atAMUConnect...in one of the ICSB rooms.

🎬 Soon season 2...

It is intended for anyone involved in pedagogy. The main objectives are :

  • Clarifying a concept, an idea,
  • Discover a tool, a technique, a method,
  • Choose a CIPE training course that is relevant to you and commit yourself fully to it.

Next Express'o CIPE >> What can you do with Compilatio? << from 14:30 to 15:30 on March 11, 2020

Topics covered :

Theme Question Available videos
  Presentation of the concept of the Express'o CIPE Video
AMeTICE What can you do with AMeTICE? Video
  How to start on AMeTICE ? Video
  How to use the new course management tool on AMeTICE? Video
Call for Proposals What is the PIF? Video
  Innovative spaces, SDN 9: how to do it? Video
Discover How can digital accessibility be taken into account? Video
  What is the CPA, competency-based approach? Video
  Portfolio, efoliAM: what is it? Video
  ICSB training courses: kezako? Video
AMU Tools Old software What can you do with Urkund, anti-plagiarism software? Video
  What are the new pedagogical features of Amu? Video
  New software What can you do with Compilatio, anti-plagiarism software? Video

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