1. Bonus

2. Internships

3. Reviews

4. Caesura

  • Future bachelor or already a student, you are preparing a state diploma or a national diploma in initial training and wish to suspend your course for one or two semesters to carry out a project? Candidate for the caesura!

5. Student Engagement

  • You have acquired skills, aptitudes and knowledge, disciplinary or transversal, in the exercise of one of the 6 activities mentioned below and you would like them to be recognised as part of your training: ask for the validation of your student commitment!
  • A voluntary activity in an association external to AMU
  • A professional activity
  • A Commitment to Civic Service
  • Voluntary enlistment in the armed forces
  • Military activity in the operational reserve
  • A volunteer firefighter's commitment
  • Framing of the validation system of a student commitment
  • Student Commitment Validation Request Form

6. to form differently

  • I interrupted my studies for more than 1 year (resumption of studies status)
  • I am an employee or job seeker or wish to have my professional experience validated: Continuing Education and Accreditation of Acquired Skills
  • I am in a special situation (Special Study Regime) disability, artist or top athlete)
  • Free listeners


Returning to school
Student Engagement