Advice & financing

Financement des formations

1. Financing modalities

The financing concerns:

  • Coverage of your training costs;
  • Éyour remuneration during this period.

According to your profile:

  • Private sector employee on permanent contracts, fixed-term contracts
  • Public sector employees (state, territorial, hospital civil service)
  • Non-employee
  • Job seeker

There are mechanisms in place and various actors can be involved in the financing of your project, but be careful: funding applications often have to be prepared several months before the start of the training. Do not hesitate to contact the reception of the continuing training for advice :

2. For more information on this subject

3. Health professions

  • Lfreelancers should contact the Training Insurance Fund for the Medical Professions (FAF PM).
  • Freelancers in the medical professions other than doctors must apply to the Fonds Interprofessionnel de Formation des Professionnels Libéraux (FIF PL).
  • Employees of the hospital civil service are subject to the delegation to training of theAP-HP of which the OPCA is theANFH.

4. Regional Council Assistance

  • The Regional Council facilitates access to higher education training through a funding assistance scheme: vur only contact person for this system is the continuing training department and the administrative contact for the planned training.
  • The PACA Regional Council offers support for people involved in VAE: fCandidate and project form to be attached to your application form for this scheme.

5. List of potential OPCA and OPACIF funders in the Region

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