Consulting & financing

Financement des formations

1. Financing arrangements

The funding is for :

  • Covering your training costs;
  • Épossibly your remuneration during this period.

According to your profile:

  • Employee from the private sector on permanent or fixed-term contracts.
  • Public sector employee (state, territorial, hospital civil service)
  • Non-employee
  • Job seeker

There are a number of schemes and a variety of players can be involved in financing your project. Pleasenote: applications for financing must often be submitted several months before the start of the training course. Do not hesitate to contact the continuing training reception for advice. :

2. For more information

3. Health Professions

  • Leople's doctors should contact the Fonds d'Assurance Formation pour les Professions Médicales (FAF PM).
  • Medical liberals other than doctors must apply to the Fonds Interprofessionnel de Formation des Professionnels Libéraux (FIF PL).
  • Employees in the hospital civil service come under the delegation for training of theAP-HM whose OPCO is UNIFAF .

4. Regional Council Assistance

  • The regional council facilitates access to higher education training through a funding assistance scheme; vur sole interlocutor for this scheme is the continuing education service and the administrative contact for the training envisaged.

For more information, please contact us:

Applicant form summarises the situation

Information Help Region

Information for Pôles Emploi counsellors

  • The PACA regional council offers aid for people involved in VAE: Project applicant form to attach to your application for this device.

5. Lists of potential funders OPCO and CPIR of the Region

List of the 11 Opco's that have received the approval of the Ministry of Labour, following negotiations within the professional branches :

  1. Opco Commerce (sales, trading, retail trade, wholesale trade...)
  2. Atlas (insurance, banking, finance)
  3. Health (hospitalisation, medical and social establishments, etc.)
  4. AFDAS (press, publishing, cinema, casino, music, performing arts, sport, tourism, radio, audiovisual, telecommunications...)
  5. Social cohesion (socio-cultural centres, activities, integration, Pôle emploi, neighbourhood management, HLM, etc.)
  6. Local businesses (crafts, liberal professions...)
  7. Enterprises and employees in labour-intensive services (restaurant chains, wage portage, private education, fast food, waste activity, temporary work, etc.)
  8. OCAPIAT (companies and farms, actors of the territory and companies of the food sector ...)
  9. OPCO 2i (industry, metallurgy, textile...)
  10. Construction (building, public works)
  11. Mobility (rail, sea, car, passenger transport, tourism...)


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