Assistantship and Reading


Do you want to go abroad while representing the French language and culture? Language assistant programs allow you to participate in the life of an institution abroad. As an ambassador of French culture, you will also improve your pedagogical and linguistic skills.

1. Presentation

Three types of assistance programs exist:

  • Program with Wellesley College.
  • French Assistantship Program of the Ministry of National Education - CIEP
  • Franco-American Commission's United States Assistance Program

2.Wellesley College Program

The Assistants will receive full board at Wellesley College and social security. Each Assistant will have the opportunity to attend Wellesley College or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), with which Wellesley has an exchange agreement, one course per semester, one of which leads to the validation of ECTS credits at AMU and the second as a free auditor. For these courses, assistants will benefit from a total exemption from tuition fees. Each Assistant will receive a monthly salary of one thousand (1,000) US dollars for 9 months to provide 8 hours of weekly support in French (in the form of hours of permanence) and to facilitate activities at the Maison Française where they will be accommodated.

2.1. General eligibility criteria
ÉMaster's level students, mainly from the courses of the Department of English World Studies (DEMA) ("English Studies") or the Department of Modern Letters ("Literary Studies"). The selection of assistants will be made by the academic leaders within DEMA ("English Studies") at AMU, in agreement with the Director of the Wellesley-in-Aix programme and a teacher from the Department of French at Wellesley College.

2.2.More information
Directly by email:

3. Programme of the Ministry of National Education - CIEP

The programme of the International Centre for Educational Studies (CIEP) contributes to the mobility of students on a European and global scale, and offers them a training opportunity and the beginning of professionalization, thus bringing added value to their academic career. The role of the assistant is to improve the students' communication skills, especially oral communication skills, and to deepen their knowledge of French civilization and culture. He works in support of French teachers and can intervene in the whole class in their presence or take small groups of students apart. It is for him a first professional experience and a complement to his training.

The programme is aimed, in priority, at students who are destined for teaching careers and who hold an L2 or even an L3 at the time of application. A training in French as a foreign language is particularly appreciated. First-time candidates are preferred.

3.1 General eligibility criteria

  • Be a student in the year of application - the only exception is for persons who are or have been assistants with the CIEP and who are applying for one of the following countries: Germany, Austria, Spain, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland ;
  • Be of French or European nationality (depending on the destination);
  • Have completed secondary education in a French school, in France or abroad;
  • Be between 20 and 30 years old (35 years old for Austria, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom) - Each country freely determines its age group;
  • Be the holder, at the time of application, of a first, second or third year of a licence (L1, L2 or L3) -see country sheets for accepted disciplines that vary from country to country;
  • Have a good knowledge of the language of the host country at least level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), except for China and the Netherlands.

3.2 Calendar
The recruitment campaign for French assistants for 2019/2020 is coming soon.

3.3. Registration procedure
Registration in the program is done electronically: entry of the file by the candidate, evaluation and transmission of the file to the CIEP. You can consult the Instructions for Use for Students (for information). Registration for students is done in 3 steps:

  • Éstep 1 - Eligibility test: accessible on the CIEP website, it allows candidates to know, in 6 questions, for which countries their profile allows them to apply.
  • Éstep 2 - Pre-registration: Following the eligibility test, candidates have the possibility of pre-registering, for which they are asked to choose from a drop-down menu their home institution and their department/service/UFR.
  • Éstep 3 - Registration: entry of the file, addition of the requested attachments and evaluation by the teacher-evaluator.

3.4. Number of positions to be filled
We offer approximately 1,700 assistant positions to French students in 20 different destinations. As the number of positions to be filled varies greatly from one country to another, we invite you to consult the corresponding country sheets on the CIEP website, which contain all the practical information (number of positions offered, eligibility criteria, duration of the contract, salary amount, etc.).

3.5. More information

  • Consult the CIEP website
  • Contact the BAP Languages, Languages and Cultures Pole, Office 369, ALLSH Faculty
    Mrs Laure-Hélène BARRAT:

4. Franco-American Commission's program in the United States

The Franco-American Commission, in partnership with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States, the Institute of International Education and the CIEP, offers French students (with at least a bachelor's degree at the beginning of the program) approximately 37 French-speaking assistant positions in the United States. Placements are offered at the university (30 positions) or school level (5 to 7 positions in primary and secondary schools) throughout the United States and deliberately away from the most popular destinations. Successful candidates also take two courses at their respective universities. One of these courses must be related to American history, literature or civilization.

The selected winners will thus be able to develop a better knowledge of the United States, contribute to the promotion of the French language and culture, enrich their linguistic skills, and benefit from a rich academic, cultural and professional experience.

4.1. General eligibility criteria

  • Êbe of French nationality and single;
  • Be between 21 and 29 years of age at the time of selection;
  • Êhold at least one licence before the planned departure for the United States.

4.2. More information

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