Innovation and the promotion of research: a priority area for development

Aix-Marseille Université has chosen to organise its innovation, development and technology transfer policy by coordinating the missions of all the site's players, each of whom acts at a different level in the development chain. This organization reflects AMU's desire to make innovation its third pillar of development, along with education and research, and to conduct a joint policy with its partners on the site to strengthen the socio-economic impact of higher education and research.

AMU has a set of measures created to promote innovation and the development of research: development committee; intellectual property charter and innovation guide; accreditation of more than 60 technological platforms; awareness of business creation via the Entreprendre avec AMU website; framework agreements with companies in the research sectors; the City of Innovation and Knowledge (CISAM), ...


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Entrepreneurship with AMU, which develops awareness of business creation

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