CIVIS Open Labs

Rooted in the heart of their territory, the CIVIS Open Labs are incubators of citizen-oriented projects. By initiating the dialogue with local stakeholders, these workspaces enable the joint exploration and development of solutions to answer local and regional challenges.

Open Labs: open to society

Conceived as open and collaborative spaces, the mission of the CIVIS Open Labs is to create a meeting place where the university and the society can exchange and co-construct projects from a multidisciplinary approach and develop innovative and inclusive initiatives for high-impact solutions.

9 universities, 9 cities, 9 Open Labs, a myriad of opportunities

It is through these local initiatives and through the participation in major European and international education and research projects (including Erasmus+, HORIZON 2020 and RIS3) that all participants tackle the major global challenges facing society. As an project incubator, the CIVIS Open Labs develop new learning and research programs in correlation with the 5 major themes of CIVIS.

Health | Cities, Territories and Mobility | Climate, Environment and Energy | Digital and Technological Transformations | Society, Cultures and Heritage

Thus, the CIVIS Open Labs contribute to the construction of a participatory, inclusive university which is open on its territory and serves the interests of its citizens on a local, regional and international level by :

  • Connecting CIVIS education, research and innovation to local needs and global challenges ;
  • contributing to local dialogues, with support for research, education and public-private partnerships
  • providing CIVIS students with service learning by working on projects that foster civic engagement and cross-cutting skills

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