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1. Pedagogical conferences

Every year, CIPE organizes conferences dedicated to university pedagogy around disciplinary themes. These "debate conferences" are a forum for exchanges and reflections on themes specific to higher education.

Title of the pedagogical conferencesDateDocument/video
AMU APC Meetings - Feedback from components on the competency-based approach with the participation of Nadine POSTIAUX, Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Psychological Sciences and Education of Brussels and Jacques LANARES, Professor at the University of LausanneProgram, ProgramMay 16 and May 17, 2019



University working methods (MTU)by Mr Marc ROMAINVILLE, ProgrammeJune 19, 2018Video
The ePortfolio, a reflective approach to assessing competenciesby Mr. Dominique-Alain JAN, Switzerland, ProgrammeFebruary 16, 2018

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

Video questions

The lecture course in question? to the reverse class :

  • Boosting his lecture course in amphitheatre, by Jean-luc LEROY, AMU
  • Problem-based learning, by Mr. Aurélien MAUREL, AMU
  • Inverted classes, by Mr. Marcel LEBRUN, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
June 6, 2017

A. Maurel Video

Mr. Lebrun (Video1 and Video 2)

Assessment of learning in a competency-based approach Challenges to be met... new tools to be developed... guidelines for the path to be followed... by Mr. Jacques TARDIF, Professor Emeritus, Université de Sherbrooke, QuébecJune 20, 2016




The competency-based approach in training: reasons..., modalities..., issues..., pedagogical choices... by Mr. Jacques TARDIF, Professor Emeritus, Université de Sherbrooke, QuébecApril 18, 2016



Script concordance tests (TCS) by Professor Bernard CHARLIN, University of Montreal, designer of the TCSJune 16, 2015Program
Physics educationby Mr Pierre LENA, Astrophysicist, Professor Emeritus of the Denis Diderot University in Paris, Member of the Academy of SciencesJune 13, 2014Program

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2. CIPE Colloquium

The annual CIPE conference is a privileged opportunity for exchanges on the university pedagogical practices of AMU teachers. Alternating conferences and round tables around a specific theme each year, it allows teachers to share examples of pedagogical practices, but also to obtain answers to their questions about university pedagogy.

CIPE Colloquium Editions

4th CIPE Colloquium: Learning, simulation and other digital realities (uses of simulation, virtual or augmented reality in pedagogy)

Presentations and videos :

Stands :

December 13, 2018




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3rd CIPE Colloquium: Active pedagogiesMay 13, 2014Program
2nd CIPE Colloquium: The objective of this edition is to allow exchanges on pedagogical practices integrating ICT within AMUJune 19-20, 2013



1st CIPE Colloquium: Under the theme of pedagogical innovationThis first symposium organized by CIPE was an opportunity to present the missions and projects of the three main components of this new structure of the University of Aix-Marseille and to lay the foundation stone for all the actions aimed at promoting the pedagogical innovation of the university's teachers and teachers/researchers.June 20, 2012



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3. Other symposia organized by CIPE

ProMedS' Up Day and LearningLab Network PACA

CIPE organized for the ProMedS' Up and LearningLab Network PACA networks a day of reflection on the theme: "From design to use: innovative spaces to promote learning".

After an introductory lecture by Mr. Didier Paquelin on innovative spaces for learning, participants were able to attend workshops on the co-design of spaces, led by specialists experienced in the tools of collective intelligence.

Didier Paquelin, is a full professor at the Chair of Leadership in Higher Education Pedagogy at Laval University (Quebec). His work focuses on the continuous improvement of the teaching-learning experience in higher education. He is also an advisor to the General Directorate for Higher Education and Professional Insertion (DGESIP MiPNES) of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and Innovation (MESRI). In particular, it participated in the design of the Guide Campus d'avenir 2015: Designing training spaces in the digital age.

Conference by Mr. Didier PaquelinVideo
Afternoon conferencesVideo
Presentation of the workshops for the co-design of spacesVideo

Strategies and pedagogical transformation day

CIPE organized a day of reflection on pedagogical transformation strategies for DGESIP (MIPNES). This day took place on May 12, 2016 in Marseille and brought together various stakeholders from institutions and COMUE of the great South East (See the detailed presentation of the day).

Video of the presentations:

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