Your steps

Vos démarches

1. Contact the Mission Handicap

It is very important to report to the Mission Handicap as soon as possible so that the study and examination arrangements can be implemented as soon as possible.

According to the the exam charter, you must report no later than six weeks before the examination for which an accommodation is being requested.

The Mission Handicap will accompany you, guide and advise you in order to better organize your studies and find solutions adapted to your situation.

2. Make an appointment with a SIUMPPS doctor

The medical examination at SIUMPPS is an essential step in order to benefit from special provisions for examinations and study arrangements.

During this medical examination, a study of your situation and the elements contained in your medical file will enable the doctor to recommend, in an opinion, any adjustments that he deems necessary.

Medical documents to be provided:

  • medical file (recent elements): medical certificates, speech therapy assessment less than two years old
  • health record booklet
  • if you have any, information sent by the MDPH (Maison Départementale des Personnes Handicapées)
  • the accommodations you received in your previous schooling

Contact the SIUMPPS

3. The Personalized Plan of Higher Education (PPES)

The Personalized Higher Education Plan (PPES) specifies the accommodation measures that will be implemented for the university curriculum, continuous checks, examinations and competitions with regard to the recommendations made by SIUMPPS doctors.

A plural team meeting is organised for specific accommodation needs, bringing together the student, the Director of the UFR (or his representative), the person in charge of training, the SIUMPPS doctor, the managers of the Mission handicap and the school service.

4. Renewal of developments

The medical certificate required for the accommodation is valid for the duration of the diploma.

Students already registered with the Mission handicap will be able to obtain the renewal of their accommodations after an interview with the Bureau de la Vie Etudiante - Mission handicap de leur campus (BVE-MH).

At the end of the interview, a new PPES with the previous year's adjustments will be established.

These new provisions do not apply to the following situations:

  • Students enrolled in the years of preparation for the medical and paramedical examinations.
  • In the event of a change in the medical situation
  • In the event of continuation of studies in another course

For these 3 situations, the medical certificate must be renewed annually with SIUMPPS.

Documents to download
disability mission
Personalized Higher Education Plan
medical check-up