The alumni community and its resources

Communauté ressources alumni

1. The 'AMU alumni' graduate network

The alumni community gathers graduates, students, staff and hiring partners.

AMU is creating a dynamic and intergenerational network for all its departments and their graduate students to use, to help them:

  • Build a professional network
  • Maintain a connection with companies from the professional sphere
  • Foster employment and internships amongst its members

> Log into your account on the alumni platform

This platform is yours, to create and develop your network: discuss with your old classmates, take part in events, keep yourself informed of the latest news, build your career, etc.

This platform offers three levels of interactions to its members, ranging from the university-wide scale to that of a department (your faculty, school, etc.), and up to more exclusive information from your own program. As key interlocutors for the members, personalities engaged in students and community activities are also involved in the animation of the network.

2. France Alumni, the network for former international students who graduated in France

Every year, 100,000 international students graduate from the French educational system. Once graduated, France Alumni keeps them informed, in touch with their network and helps them promote their stay in France in a professional context.

3. ENT resources


Contact information

Sarah Coulson, project manager for the alumni and former staff networks.
+33 442 172 475