National calls for projects

1. ANR

Find via this link the presentation document of the 2018 Action Plan

2. Future Investment Program (PIA)

Appels à projets nationaux

The purpose of the future investment programme is to promote French excellence in higher education, research, development and innovation.

Following PIA1 and 2, PIA3, launched in 2016, has 3 priorities:

  • Supporting the progress of teaching and research,
  • Enhancing the value of research
  • Accelerate the modernisation of businesses

To know and inform you about the different calls for projects in progress: Calls for projects, Calls for expressions of interest and actions of the Future Investment Programme

Contacts: Research and Valuation Department:
Marie-Paule Cosenza
In charge of future investment programs (excluding A*MIDEX)
Tel: +33 (0)4 86 13 61 70

3. FUI

The Single Inter-Ministerial Fund (or FUI) is a programme to support applied research to help develop new products and services that may be launched on the market in the short to medium term. It makes it possible to finance so-called "collaborative" R&D projects supported by competitive clusters. Financial assistance is provided for the best economic R&D projects through calls for projects;

The next FUI PAA will be the PAA26 and will be implemented at the earliest at the end of 2018 or at the latest at the beginning of 2019

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