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Aix-Marseille Université wishes to contribute fully to the economic attractiveness of its territory. Companies, local authorities, actors of the socio-economic world, we are at your side! Whatever your request, the Department of Partnership with the Socio-Economic World (DPMSE) is there to guide you. This space is reserved for you to help you in your search for information.

1. Collaborate and innovate

You can collaborate with AMU in several ways:

  • Acting as an expert in our trainings,
  • Develop research and training partnerships,
  • Use our equipment and technological platforms,
  • Create a corporate chair,
  • Organize an event at AMU,
  • Becoming a provider...

2. Form

Our Continuing Professional Training service will support you in all your projects concerning the training of your employees (acquisition of new skills, upgrades, retraining...):

  • Qualifying and diploma courses,
  • Professional short courses,
  • Preparation for administrative competitions,
  • Skills assessment,
  • VAE, VAP...

3. Recruit

One trainee, one collaborator

Thanks to our IPRO platform, you can distribute your internship or job offers to our 78,000 students. Our university integration and orientation service (SUIO) is also at your disposal to analyse your request and respond to it, in particular for :

  • Recruit a trainee
  • Hiring a new graduate
  • Participate in forums, meetings, student projects on themes that interest you in all disciplinary fields (arts, humanities, languages and social sciences; law and political science; economics and management; health; science and technology) ...

New! If you are recruiting a collaborator, post your offer on the graduate career area :


You can support AMU in different ways:


Contact information

In this period of global health crisis, Aix-Marseille Université, a major player in our region, is keen to ensure its support for the players in the socio-economic world.

Aix-Marseille Université knows the difficulties that companies are encountering and will always be at your side.
Today, beyond its traditional academic missions, training of students and employees, professional integration of students, innovation and research, Aix-Marseille Université is at your disposal to provide you with assistance within the limits of its skills and means.

Tomorrow, the training of its students who will be your future employees, as well as your employees, will always remain a major challenge for Aix-Marseille Université.
Research, in all disciplinary sectors, will focus even more on the sustainability and performance of your companies.
Equipment and technological platforms will contribute in particular to meeting the challenges we will face together.

Together, we will be able to overcome this crisis.

Contact: espace-entreprise[at]


If you need information or need to find the right contact person, we are here to help you!

  • Romain LAFFONT- Vice President for Partnership with the Socio-Economic World
  • Imane BAHMANE - Financial Management Officer
  • Ariane BLIEK - Director of Socio-Economic Partnership
  • Sarah COULSON - Alumni Project Manager
  • Clotilde GONZALEZ-LORCA - Executive Secretary
  • Antje JANSSEN - Alumni Project Manager
  • Angèle PIERPAOLI - Partnership Project Manager
  • Edith RABOISSON - Partnerships and Sponsorship Officer
  • Call us : 04 42 17 24 23
  • Write to us: espace-entreprise[at]
  • To meet us : Department of Partnership with the Socio-Economic World, 3 Avenue Robert SchumanPouillon Building, 13628 AIX-EN-PROVENCE Cdx 1

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