A university of intensive research

An intensive research university, Aix-Marseille University makes a large contribution to the knowledge economy and the dissemination of knowledge, carrying out disciplinary and interdisciplinary basic research with societal issues. It is associated with major national research players with whom it develops and conducts a scientific strategy.

Structured around 113 units, 9 research federations, around fifty labelled platforms, the CISAM is the largest in France., Aix-Marseille University has a remarkable scientific potential in basic and applied research that is both interdisciplinary and supported by strong disciplinary sectors (5 major sectors: Science, Arts Languages Languages Humanities, Law and Political Science, Health, Economics and Management).

Today, AMU positions itself as a university of intensive research, which has forged privileged partnerships throughout the world, which has affirmed its territorial anchorage and integration and which is among the top French universities in international rankings.

AMU is also committed to a dynamic aimed at strengthening the links between Training and Research by creating 16 institutes in fields with very high potential, whose singularity is to associate teaching and high-level research around a "Graduate school", providing training of excellence to new generations of scientists. Interdisciplinarity, a strategic axis of development and innovation, is at the heart of AMU's scientific policy and the approach of the institutes.

Aware of the importance of the influence of its research, AMU is illustrated both by strong international institutional cooperation and an active positioning on European and international funding. It plays a major role in the attractiveness of the Aix-Marseille site, by supporting applications from teacher-researchers and researchers to the ERC (European Research Council) programme, notably through the Aix-Marseille ERC club: the CERCle. Positioned as the leader of "CIVIS", Aix-Marseille University asserts its role on a European scale by developing and building a research and innovation strategy within this new European civic university.

Within the framework of the Future Investment Program, Aix-Marseille University is carrying out ambitious projects in various fields (Convergence Institutes, University Research Schools, University Hospital Research in Health,...) and is the winner of two projects selected under the calls for proposals ".structuring of training through research in the initiatives of excellence - SFRI" and "integration and development of Idex and Isite-IDéES" which are part of the action "Major research universities".

AMU is also committed to making innovation one of its pillars of development and is pursuing a policy of strengthening the socio-economic impact of higher education and research together with its partners on the site. CISAM (Cité de l'Innovation et des Savoirs d'Aix-Marseille) was created to boost the links between AMU's actors and the socio-economic world.

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