An intensive research university

Created on 1 January 2012, Aix-Marseille University (AMU) can now consider that it has met the major challenge it had set itself: to successfully merge the three universities in the territory and create a major world-class university.

Structured around 111 units, 9 research federationsof about fifty labelled platforms and five intersectoral and interdisciplinary research centres (PR2I), Aix-Marseille University has remarkable scientific potential in basic and applied research that is both interdisciplinary and backed by solid disciplinary sectors. (5 main sectors: Science, Arts, Languages, Literature and Human Sciences, Law and Political Science, Health, Economics and Management).

At site level, AMU has co-constructed its research and innovation strategy with the main research organisations (CNRS, Inserm, IRD, CEA...). 77% of AMU units are multi-tutel.

The excellence of the site's research has been recognized by several evaluations, national by HCERES in 2017 and international by the AMU Scientific Steering Committee (COS) in 2015 and the jury of the A*Midex Excellence Initiative in 2016. The quality of its scientific potential is also measured by the successes obtained under several national (labex, equipex, Institutes convergences, RHU, EUR...) or European calls for projects under the H2020 programme. AMU is thus the third French institution to raise funds under this European programme.

The accreditation in 2012 of the A*Midex excellence initiative, followed by its sustainability in 2016, has also had a tremendous structuring and stimulating effect on the establishment; through calls for projects or proactive actions: A*Midex truly functions as an accelerator enabling AMU and its partners to quickly achieve their ambitions.

Today, AMU is positioned as an intensive research university, which has forged privileged partnerships throughout the world, has affirmed its roots and territorial integration and is among the top French universities in international rankings (114th in 2018 in Shanghai's ranking).

The future investment program and Aix-Marseille University

Under the impetus of the "Amidex" excellence initiative (IDEX) of Aix-Marseille University, AMU is one of the 8 French sites of excellence, 4 of which are sustainable. The Research and Valorisation Directorate (DRV) supports nearly 60 projects within the framework of PIA 1 and 2: Equipex, National infrastructures in biology and health, Demonstrator, bioinformatics, Carnot institutes... It is through 5 major fields (energy, environmental and universe sciences, life and health sciences, advanced sciences and technologies, human and social sciences) that remarkable results have been obtained at the Aix-Marseille site.

Within the framework of the PIA3, AMU is the winner of 2 converging institutes, 2 research-hospital-university projects, 2 university research schools... The DRV and the Amidex Foundation work together to manage these projects.

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