The CVEC in Aix-Marseille University

The CVEC, a contribution to improving Student Life and Campus Life

CVEC funding to develop a new generation of CVECs.he actions in the following areas :





- Renewal of the prevention policy and improvement
of access to care for students;
- Reinforcement of social support for students;
- Development of the students' sports practice;
- Diversification of artistic projects and events and
cultural activities in institutions of higher education
- Improvement of the reception of students.

Discover CVEC AMU's achievements thematically

  • Sport
  • Culture
  • Preventive medicine
  • CSR (corporate social responsibility)
    Sustainable development
    Fight against discrimination
  • FSDIE - Student Initiatives - Social Aid

Discover the achievements campus CVEC

Large campuses

  • Aix Campus
  • Campus Etoile (Marseille)
  • Campus Luminy (Marseille)
  • Campus Marseille centre
  • Marseille Timone Campus

Relocated sites

  • La Ciotat Campus
  • Campus Gap
  • Campus Digne
  • Arles Campus
  • Avignon Campus
  • Campus Salon
  • Aubagne Campus


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