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The projects selected in response to the calls for proposals launched by A*Midex are characterised by the ability of the applicants to develop strong and effective cooperation with all the public and private players involved in research and training, and to support the transformation of the university in relation to its partners. It is with this in mind that A*Midex has launched between 5 and 10 calls for proposals each year since its inception, with the aim of funding ambitious and innovative projects capable of meeting the challenges facing society and science.

​Current A*Midex calls for projects and actions:

AMIDEX - AAC Post-doc Handicap VE

Call for applications Post-doc contract

For researchers with disabilities

The aim of the Post-Doctoral Contract call for applications is to support researchers with disabilities in their quest for a secure, long-term academic career. It offers funding of up to €15,000 per successful applicant for a post-doctorate of up to 3 years and for project implementation (research-related operating costs), as well as support in obtaining a permanent post.

> Applications until 30 September 2023

AMIDEX - En tête AAC Chaires 2023 - VE

Call for Chairs of Excellence

The A*Midex "Chairs of Excellence" call for projects aims to recruit and promote the academic careers of teachers, teacher-researchers and researchers of international standing, on structuring projects contributing to the strategy of the Aix-Marseille site.

At the same time, A*Midex is launching a call for individual applications for Chairs of Excellence, aimed at teachers and teacher-researchers from outside the site who are themselves applying.

> Applications: until 31 October 2023

Call for Equipment-Training projects

The call for Training Equipment projects aims to support the training components of the Aix-Marseille site that wish to strengthen the methods of assessing the knowledge and skills acquired by students through the design or development of dedicated, innovative and appropriate spaces that will enable students to become more professional and put themselves into situations.

> Full applications: until 20 October 2023

Call for TRIPs projects

The "Training and Research Interdisciplinary Platforms - TRIPs" call for projects aims to create interdisciplinary training and research platforms for educational innovation, technology transfer and research.
The aim of this call is to enable all institutes to set up a TRIP.

> Applications: until 7 October 2023

Call for Transfert projects

Engineering and setting up European projects
Open continuously
> Call for projects closes: 22 December 2023 noon


Industrial Chairs

The aim of this call for proposals is to create bilateral partnerships to transform relations between the academic and socio-economic research sectors by sharing a common multi-year research and innovation strategy.

> Open continuously

IdEx co-financing actions

The foundation also supports or co-finances structuring projects, which help to create a leverage effect and increase the chances of selection by national or international funders, such as the MESR, the European Commission, the Region, etc.

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