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1. Mornings

The world of continuing vocational education and training is constantly changing, both legislatively and societally.

A real challenge for companies, they must constantly adapt employees' skills according to individual aspirations and the needs of the markets, in order to be able to remain competitive. Making the players in this sector work in synergy makes it possible to overcome together the complexity of the training environment and to act jointly.

This is why the Matinales bring together companies, financers, specifiers and training organisations throughout the year, to provide professionals with concrete avenues for action in their core business. These regular meetings are real forums for exchange to understand the issues at stake and share best practices among peers.

Organised by the Service de la Formation Professionnelle Continue (SFPC) and in close collaboration with our partners (GARF Provence, ANDRH...), these events take place on different sites of Aix-Marseille University around a theme related to continuing education, employment or professional integration.

Morning of October 1, 2019 : Professional Future Act Act II CPF and CPF Transition Act II

From Competency to Recognition: EAV for HR [2017-2018]

Testimonials from companies and participants to enlighten us on the mobilisation of collective VAE as a real tool for HR management, allowing recognition at work, securing career paths and supporting employee mobility.

Pedagogical innovation at the heart of skills development

2. Ceremonies

>> EAV, another route to certification and much more...

In the PACA region, more than 3,500 candidates obtained a diploma this year,
a title or certificate by the VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience).

For this 2nd edition of the Victoire de la VAE, all the PACA certifiers are mobilising
to celebrate the success of the candidates on July 3, 2018:

  • Ministry of the Armed Forces
  • Ministry of Labour
  • Ministry of National Education
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Food
  • Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation
  • Ministry of Sports

The VAE offers the possibility to access, on the basis of salaried professional experienc
or volunteer of at least 1 year, to a diploma or professional certification.

It is an official recognition of skills through certification.

Teaser Award Ceremony of the VAE PACA Trophies


>> The DAEU's graduation ceremony: after the effort, the reward!

Each year about 300 people take the DAEU exams after having followed the courses all year round. Obtaining this diploma is for them the cornerstone of a real professional project and for some, the beginning of a university career.

>> Closing Ceremony Product Engineer Training Course with St Microelectronics - July 12, 2017 - Marseille Pharo

Cérémonie de clôture Parcours de Formation Product Engineer avec St Microelectronics le 12 juillet 2017

>> Signature of the framework agreement and the application agreement for Continuing Education with the Medef PACA - 20/09/2017 - Marseille Pharo


Photo de la cérémonie d'accueil de la 3ème promotion d'Enseignants de football à visée internationale le 22 septembre 2017 - Marseille Pharo

>> Welcoming ceremony of the 3rd class of international football teachers - 22/09/2017 - Marseille Pharo

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