University Mediator

The University Ombudsman is elected by the Board of Trustees on the proposal of the President of the University. His/her term of office is 3 years, renewable once. The Mediator is chosen from among teacher-researchers or researchers who do not hold any position of responsibility within the institution or who, having fallen under these statutes, are no longer in activity. He is independent of the different decision-making or management bodies of the University and has the necessary means to carry out his mission. It is bound by a duty of confidentiality.

Any situation or dispute concerning relations between the institution and its staff or users which, after all the steps taken with the departments concerned have been exhausted, has not been resolved to the satisfaction of the applicant. In the event of proceedings initiated before a court, the matter may only be referred to the Mediator of the French Republic if the aim is to find an amicable solution likely to be accepted by the parties before the court takes a decision. The President of the University may also refer a matter to the Ombudsman to act in disputes between individuals if they are related to the missions of the University and if the parties have given their prior agreement to the Ombudsman's intervention.

The Mediator shall be informed by a request addressed to him by mail, including electronic mail, which must state the reasons for the request. The Mediator then decides, within a short period of time, on the admissibility of the request and in particular its conformity. He informs the applicant of his decision.

Once the Ombudsman has declared the request admissible, he informs the President of the University and proceeds to investigate the case by any means he deems appropriate. He may then call upon the administrative and technical services of the University as necessary. At the end of this investigation, which must not exceed a reasonable period of time, he may reject the application and must then inform the applicant by a reasoned letter and inform the President of the University of this rejection.

If he considers the request to be well-founded, he shall propose a reply or solution which he deems appropriate and shall immediately communicate it to the President. The complainant shall be informed by the Ombudsman of the meaning of his proposal. When the matter is referred to him by the President of the University, he shall inform him of the solution he proposes. In all cases, the final decision is the exclusive competence of the President of the University.

The Mediator sends an annual activity report to the President of the University and presents it to the Board of Governors.

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