Culture at the university


A privileged place for creation, meeting, diversity, sharing and dissemination, arts and culture are at the heart of the University...

Socially committed AMU intends to give pride of place to the arts and culture with a department dedicated to "Culture and Society".
This new direction will animate its cultural policy through a three-stage partition:
- Attractiveness and good living together.
- Transmission Student life and citizenship
- Research training and interdisciplinarity.

AMU's arts and culture: for a visible and attractive artistic production!

The great artistic ensembles, OSAMU, (Symphony Orchestra of Aix-Marseille University), DANSE'AMU, O'JAZZ'AMU, EV'AMU and CHOR'AMU open the way to a high level cultural offer in beauty, sharing and influence at regional, national and international level (CIVIS).

AMU will continue to develop its collective practices and to promote them throughout the year on the campuses, but also throughout the territory, through the many events organised with the territory's institutional cultural partners.

On the national and international stages, our artistic ensembles will be keen to perform, shine and shine, particularly in the context of CIVIS.
This department is committed to opening its spaces to artists, particularly in the field of creation and through residencies.
Come and listen to them and participate in their events! Thrill guaranteed...

Arts and culture at the heart of campuses: for a bubble of creativity and collective and personal enrichment!

Through the deployment of numerous cultural initiatives and actions on campus, AMU wishes to transmit the values of solidarity and sharing by offering a range of artistic and cultural activities for students:

  • Free workshops for amateur artistic practice in various disciplines (theatre, visual arts, singing, dance...) enhanced by the culture bonus.
  • Dedicated places and spaces: a theatre, documentation centres, the Cube in Aix-en-Provence, the Hexagone in Marseille-Luminy and soon Turbulence in Marseille-St Charles. These are as many proposals offered as they are privileged spaces giving free recourse to creativity so that everyone can express themselves.
  • Support for student cultural initiatives: FSDIE, CVEC, calls for projects so that AMU's cultural programme can be experienced and created by students.
  • Specific measures such as the status of high level artist reserved for students in order to make a high level artistic practice compatible with the pursuit of studies at university.

Beyond the practice, it is also the access to culture for all that AMU promotes.
Thanks to a sustained work of articulation and agreements with regional cultural partners, students have the opportunity to take advantage of the regional cultural offer thanks to PACTE'AMU : a device allowing each student to benefit from an additional reduction on the youth rate.

Arts and culture to rethink tomorrow's society; when training and research juggle to encourage interdisciplinary debate!

AMU, with its strong academic and scientific potential, aims to be a real training and research scene, encouraging a break with disciplinary culture, encouraging the transgression of the frontiers of knowledge, voluntarily and deliberately marking new rules to provide innovative responses to major societal issues and build tomorrow.

The Festival of Social Sciences and Arts, the Jeu de l'Oie festival has paved the way. AMU will continue to initiate reflections on the links between arts and sciences, to develop meetings and major conferences and will respond to calls for tenders in the field of cultural creative industries.
The Department of Culture and Society is at your disposal to support your projects and enhance the value of your actions. In the meantime find all our news here.


Contact information


Aix-Marseille University
63 la Canebière, 13001 Marseille

    Director of the Culture and Society Department
    Tel: +33(0)4 13 55 04 25
  • Jeanette THEOKRITOFF
    Head of cultural projects
    Tel: +33(0)4 13 55 04 22
    Cultural Project Manager
    Tel: +33(0)4 13 55 04 24
  • Clémence VIVOT
    Communication Officer
    Tel: +33(0)4 13 55 04 23
  • Soukaina COMPAORE
    Administrative and Financial Manager
    Tel: +33(0)4 13 55 04 26


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