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By sponsoring Aix-Marseille Université in donating to its foundation, you can support either the university in its whole or one of its specific projects. This donation can be financial, in-kind (premises, equipment, supplies, etc.) or it can be a skill-based sponsorship (free provision of a professional to Aix-Marseille Université).
Supporting the university entitles companies and individuals to a tax reduction.

1. Why support AMU?

To get involved in the world's largest French-speaking university

With the weight of its 78 000 annual student enrolments, including close to 10 000 international students, Aix-Marseille Université maintains an established worldwide popularity. By joining its foundation, you contribute to its influence.

To support innovative projects

By sponsoring AMU, you support its foundation's ambitious missions and help bring innovative projects to life for the benefit of all.

To discover tomorrow's talents

Investing in tomorrow's talents is possible through the development of excellent training courses, which comply with Aix-Marseille Université and its foundation's equal opportunities policy. By doing so, you encourage the emergence of new talents.

To enhance a powerful local anchorage

Thanks to your support, we create added value that is shared between the key players of a common territory.

To cooperate for the common good and act for the future

The university trains students, companies hire them: they represent our future and we should all relate.

To enjoy the tax benefits that come with a donation

Donating to the university and its foundation allows you to benefit from advantageous tax reductions, while getting involved in a cause that matters to you.

2. Support a specific project

You can choose to support one of AMU's projects in particular by specifying your donation.

Fund a prize or scholarship

The foundation, thanks to its sponsors, funds different prizes and scholarships. It supports PhD students in particular, financing the first prize of the competition 'My thesis in 180 seconds', as well as a doctoral contract grant. It also financially supports the students' humanitarian and social projects. Besides, each year the foundation grants a Vietnamese student the opportunity to pursue a Master's degree in France.

Develop a Chair

A chair is a meeting point between the world of teaching and researching and the business one. You can choose to either create or to join an existing chair to develop its research and teaching methods regarding a topic of your choosing, in collaboration with AMU's teaching researchers.


3. Donate

To donate to the A*Midex Foundation, fill the form on: donation-foundation.univ-amu.fr

You can complete the form, and choose among different payment methods: credit card, bank transfer or cheque. You will then receive the completed form electronically.

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