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AMU is among the top French universities in international rankings. It is positioned as a research-intensive university that has forged privileged partnerships throughout the world. Internationalisation permeates all of the institution's activities (research / training / cooperation / mobility), whether considered separately or in their interaction. The international dimension has become a determining factor in its strategy and development.

The University's international research strategy is implemented through several types of actions :

  • The development of institutional cooperation in research
  • Support to strengthen participation in European Horizon Europe programmes
  • Involvement in numerous other European and international programmes.

These actions are led by the Research and Development Department (DRV) of the University.

The Initiative of Excellence of Aix-Marseille Université also makes it possible to promote or develop some of these actions.

The development of institutional cooperation in research

In terms of scientific cooperation, Aix-Marseille Université has confirmed its international dimension, which is the joint result of the initiatives of its research units and the institutional actions it carries out through the establishment of scientific partnerships which it manages (bilateral agreements, research MoU, consortium, etc.) or structured arrangements with research organisations.

In the field of institutional international cooperation, AMU is committed to better coordinating its international actions with the major national research organizations (CNRS, INSERM, IRD, etc.) with which it intends to conduct a more controlled site policy in identified regions, and more coherent with regard to international partners.

In this context, the mandate of the Research and Development Division (DRV) is mainly based on the following major missions

  • to set up the scientific partnership agreements or conventions submitted by the research units which aim to formalize and make visible their regular scientific collaborations
  • to prepare, in partnership with the EPSTs, agreements for the creation of units, laboratories or international networks (UMI, LIA, LMI, IRN, etc.) which are increasingly in line with the scientific policy of Aix-Marseille Université
  • to assist research units in positioning themselves on international scientific cooperation mechanisms and tools aimed at initiating or developing scientific exchanges, in particular through bi- or multi-lateral AAPs (Hubert Curien Partnership, ECOS, COFECUB, CFQCU, Bio-Asia...).

Contact: Amira Khellaf, Direction de la Recherche et la Valorisation (DRV) Steering of International Research Cooperation

Active participation in European framework programmes (H2020, Horizon Europe and European sectoral programmes)

The Aix-Marseille Université teams take an active part in the various European framework programmes for research and innovation. Thus, the non-definitive results of Horizon 2020 already show a continued increase in the number and amount of projects obtained: more than 110 H2020 projects obtained compared to 106 FP7 projects, for nearly €70M of subsidies compared to €36.6M).

These excellent results have enabled AMU to confirm its position as the leading French university in the H2020"Health" program and 2nd French University in terms of grants obtained.

Mobilized on the different pillars of Horizon 2020, AMU coordinates more than 10 projects, including

  • Coordination of the 'Research' component of the European Alliance with the 'RIS4CIVIS4' project and its associated CIVIS3i Pos-Doctoral Programme project
  • Future and Emerging Technology (FET) project M-CUBE (MetaMaterials antenna for ultra-high field MRI)
  • Infrastructure project EVAG (European Virus Archive Global)
  • Innovation project on the Energy Challenge VPP4ISLANDS (Virtual Power Plan for Interoperable and Smart isLANDS)
  • Marie Sklodovska Curie Doctoral Programme COBRA (Conversational Brains)
  • Marie Sklodovska Curie COFUND Doctoral Programme Doc2AMU dedicated to doctoral students

As a strong marker of scientific excellence, AMU is also committed alongside its partners (CNRS, Inserm, IRD, CEA, ECM) in a shared site policy to support the application of researchers and teacher-researchers to the ERC program. The site dynamic is implemented in particular through the various activities of the ERC Club and has contributed to the support of 60 ERC laureates.

The Europe/Research unitis organized around two axes:
- Horizon Europe programme: awareness, information, lobbying, detection and networking
- Research component of the CIVIS Alliance

More information: H2020/Horizon Europe dedicated pages
More information: H2020/Horizon Europe pages, organization of the support to AMU and INTRAMUwebsite

Céline Damon, Head of the Europe/Research Unit
Nicolas Gochgarian Horizon Europe Project Officer
Nadia Maio Horizon Europe Project Officer
Hyzewicz RIS4CIVIS Project Manager and Alice Novello, RIS4CIVIS project manager

Involvement in numerous European programs outside of H2020 (ERDF, ERA NET, etc.) and international programs

European and international funding is at the heart of the strategy to be deployed in the laboratories to enable the development of ambitious research within AMU.

Every year since 2014, the Research and Valorisation Department has been assisting research professors with their submissions for European (excluding H2020) and international projects (international ANR, Era-Net, JPI, FEAMP, FEDER, LIFE +, Co-Fund, Joint Action, Life +, NIH...) and following up on all selected projects.

Page dedicated to finanand internationalfunding :

Contacts European (non-H2020) and International business managers who assist professors in their search for funding and in setting up projects:

  • Magali Niox, Research and Development Department (DRV)Aix-en-Provence and Etoile Campus
  • (recruitment in progress) Research and Valorisation Department (DRV ), Campus Centre, Timone and Luminy
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