Cost of living in France

If you need to obtain a visa or a residence permit to pursue your studies at AMU, you must be able to justify having sufficient resources to support yourself in France. The amount officially required by the French authorities is €615 per month. This amount will not be enough to cover all of your expenses while you are in France, so we can help you anticipate future expenses.

To avoid getting into difficulties, we advise you to budget a minimum of €800 per month + an envelope of about €1 600 for your installation costs.

Accommodation will represent the largest part of your monthly budget and it will be important to adapt your choice of accommodation to your financial capabilities. However, the cost of meals as well as living expenses should not be overlooked and can very quickly add up.

Recurring monthly budget* for a student in France
CROUS university housing Housing in private housing
Housing €250 €450
Resto U meals €195 €195
Miscellaneous errands (drinks, breakfasts, books, supplies, personal maintenance) €220 €220
Transportation €30 €30
Communication (phone subscription, internet, calling cards) €30 €30
Leisure, outings, tourism...


TOTAL €800 / month €1,000 / month

* Amounts given as a guide and may vary

Housing privately is more expensive: with a room costing €450 per month, other expenses being the same, the monthly budget comes to about €1,000.

Of course, all expenses depend on your lifestyle, the nature of your graduate studies and how you organize your stay in France.

Some prices for everyday consumer goods -


One non-alcoholic beverage €3.50
One coffee €2
A meal at a restaurant From €10 to 20
A meal at the university restaurant €3.25
One baguette €1
One kilogram of pasta €1.50
A sandwich at the bakery + drink from €5 to 8


A general practitioner visit €25
One consultation with the gynecologist €30
Ophthalmologist €30



Movie ticket from €5 to €7.50
National museums or monuments from €5 to 15
Pool from €1.50 to 3
1 paperback from €5 to 10
Theatre from €10
A daily newspaper from €2 to 3


Taxi from airport to center of Marseille/Aix from €40 to 60
Train from Marseille to Aix €8.30
Direct bus between Marseille/Aix €6 (outbound) /€10 (return)
RTM metro/bus ticket in Marseille from €1,70 to 2
Bus ticket in Aix €1,30

*Amounts given as a guide and may vary

Additional charges upon arrival

Your expenses in the first month will be much higher than in subsequent months. Think about this as you develop your budget.

We recommend that you budget a total of €1,600 dedicated to your installation in France.

CVEC payment €95
Tuition fees From €170 to 502 depending on the degree prepared
Student registration fees outside Europe €2770 or €3770 depending on the level of study
Complementary health insurance €15 / month
Housing Deposit From 1 to 2 months' rent (minimum €450 in the private park)
Advance of the first month's rent From 1 to 2 months' rent (minimum €450 in the private park)
Home insurance From €20 to €80/year
Possible installation costs (sheets, towels, kitchen utensils...) About €100
Various dues and memberships (sports, ...) €50
One week at the hotel upon arrival €340

Students receive discounts on many services (transportation, theaters, cinemas, museums, bookstores...), so don't hesitate to present your student card.

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