Cost of living in France

International students must be able to justify sufficient means of financial support for the length of their stay in order to obtain their visa and residence permit. The amount officially requested by the French authorities is 615€ per month, but this amount is not enough to cover all your living expenses. Please find below some useful information on how to foresee additional expenses.

To avoid financial difficulties we recommend you to allow 800€ per month for all living expenses + an envelope of 1 500€ c.a. for installation costs.

Accommodation will represent the largest expense within your monthly budget and it will be important to adapt your choice of accommodation to your financial capacities. However, the cost of meals and living expenses should not be overlooked as it may add up very quickly.

Monthly budget* of a student in France
  Accommodation in halls of residence Private accommodation
Accommodation 250 € 450 €
Meals at Resto U 195 € 195 €
Various purchases (drinks, breakfasts, books, supplies, personal care) 220 € 220 €
Transport 20 € 20 €
Communication (telephone subscription, internet, phone cards) 50 € 50 €
Leisure, outings, tourism...

65 €

65 €
TOTAL 800 € / month 1 000 € / month

* Amounts are given for information purposes only and may vary.

Private accommodation is more expensive: with a room at €450 per month, the other costs kept the same, the monthly budget is around €1,000.

Obviously, your expenses depend on your way of life, the type of higher education chosen and the way you organize your stay in France.

List of common consumer goods prices
Soft drink 3,50 €
Coffee 1,80 €
A meal at a restaurant From 15 to 20 €.
A meal at the university restaurant 3,25 €
A baguette 0,90 €
Cinema ticket for students 8,70 €

* Amounts are given for information purposes only and may vary.

Additional expenses on arrival

Your first month’s expenses will be nearly twice as much as the following months. Don't forget to consider this detail while planning your budget.

We recommend you to allow 1 500€ for installation costs in France.


Installation costs in France
CVEC payment 91 €
Tuition fees From 170 to 502 € depending on the chosen course of study
Extended health care 10€ / month
Deposit for accommodation From 1 to 2 months of rent (minimum 450€ for private accommodation)
First month's rent payment From 1 to 2 months rent (minimum 450€ for private accommodation)
Initial expenditures (sheets, towels, cooking utensils, books…) About 100 €.
Different fees and subscriptions (sport…) 50 €
Hotel nights upon arrival 50€ / night


Students are often entitled to discounts (shops, transport, theatre, cinema, museums, bookshops…), remember to show your student card.

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