Programme and call for projects Transfer

The "Transfer" calls for projects aim to encourage the development of relationships between research institutions and actors from the business world, culture and civil society.

Principles and objectives of the Transfer programme

Information: The framework texts, the application form and the annex "provisional budget" of the calls for projects AAP 1, 2 and 3 have been updated in April 2021. They are available for download in the content of this article.

The A*Midex Foundation intends to contribute to strengthening innovation and the socio-economic impact of the Aix-Marseille site in order to increase the transfer of research results from laboratories to industry and civil society.

In this perspective, the "Transfer" programme, which proposes a series of 4 calls for projects, aims to complement existing local and European funding mechanisms in order to build a continuum of funding towards valorisation and innovation. The aim is also to transform the relationship between academic research and the socio-economic and cultural sectors, for example by giving the latter access to new knowledge, know-how and technologies. The programme also aims to encourage job creation, the development of innovative companies and, more generally, to contribute to the local, national and international development and influence of the region.

The "Transfer" programme is drawn up by the IDEX partner organisations, in conjunction with their development subsidiaries, in a co-construction process with representatives of the local ecosystem involved in partnership research and innovation (SATT Sud Est, Carnot STAR Institute, Protisvalor, Impulse incubator, Belle de Mai incubator, etc.) as well as the thematic departments within Aix-Marseille University More information

The 4 calls for "Transfer" projects

With a budget of €6.5 million for the period 2020-2023, the "Transfer" programme is based on 4 calls for projects.

AAP 1 - Emergence of new collaborations

PAA 2 - Start-up partnerships

  • Objective: To encourage the development of collaborations between academic actors and young start-ups (or pre-creation projects) incubated on the Aix-Marseille site, so that they can benefit from the innovation potential of the site's research units.
  • Half-yearly call. Wave 2 closed. Wave 3 open - Next application deadlines :

- 15 November 2021 - Stage 1 (mandatory): Pre-registration.

- 10 January 2022 - Stage 2: Complete application file.

AAP 3 - Partnership with the socio-economic and cultural world

  • Objective: To support ambitious collaborative innovation projects led by academic actors and all types of actors from the socio-economic and cultural world, for exploratory research, technology transfer or know-how.
  • Annual call. Wave 1 closed for 2021. Wave 2 open - Next application deadlines:

- January 10, 2022 - Stage 1 (mandatory): Pre-registration.

- March 1, 2022 - Step 2: Complete application file.

AAP 4 - Engineering and setting up of European projects

How to apply?

1. For PAA 1 and 4, open continuously

  • Download the application form and send it to the address indicated in the document.

2. For PAAs 2 and 3, open on an ad hoc basis

For these projects, the application is made via the A*Midex project submission platform in two steps:

  • Step 1: registration

Applicants are invited to click on the "SUBMIT A PROJECT" button available on this page. They connect, with their ENT login and password, to their application space for one of the "Transfer" calls for projects.

They will have to fill in the indicated fields (Name of the person in charge/ Structure of the project/ Title of the project/ Acronym of the project/ Thematic axis/ Disciplines/ Key words (1 to 5 words) / Summary of the project (about 5 lines) / Partner) at the end of step 1 at the latest (See calendar in the framework text). The registration form is a MANDATORY step in the process. However, it is not subject to selection.

  • Step 2: submission of the application form

From the opening date of stage 2 (see timetable in the framework text), promoters who have registered for the call for projects are then invited to submit their final application by the end of stage 2 at the latest (see timetable in the framework text) by clicking on "STATUS OF MY PROJECTS" and transferring to their project space:

  • The content of their file
  • The project budget
  • The annexes. Attention: some annexes are compulsory; their absence may lead to the ineligibility of the project.
  • The documents must be saved by clicking on the "Save" button at the bottom left of the form.

In order to submit the application, you must click on the "Submit" button at the bottom right of the application form. The status of the application will change from "open" to "submitted" once the application has been submitted. No additions will be possible after the closing of the submission platform at the indicated deadline.