Call for TRIPS projects

For the second time, the TIGER project is launching a call for proposals for "Training and Research Interdisciplinary Platforms - TRIPs", aimed at creating interdisciplinary training and research platforms for pedagogical innovation, technology transfer and research.
The aim is to enable all institutes to set up a TRIP.


  • Maketraining courses more attractive by setting up a new type of platform promoting research and interdisciplinarity,
  • Physically locate the institutes to increase their visibility on the Aix-Marseille site, in conjunction with the CISAM+ project,
  • Support the transformation of research-based training through innovative educational initiatives accessible to undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students.

Target audience

The TRIPs call for proposals is open to the entire university community. However, only institutional institutes are authorized to submit and support a project in conjunction with players on the Aix-Marseille site. Several institutes may join forces around a common project for an interdisciplinary training and research platform.
Each TRIP must include in its project at least one master's program initiated and financed by the TIGER project.

Particular attention will be paid to projects involving several institutes.

Information meeting

A webinar was held on Thursday June 15 at 2 p.m. with the A*Midex Foundation team and the France 2030 TIGER project.





The budget available for this call is 2.4 million euros, broken down between the various projects. The budget will be co-financed by France 2030 and Idex. There are no indicative criteria concerning the minimum and maximum amount of a project.

Construction procedures

The "Training and Research Interdisciplinary Platforms - TRIPs" call for projects has been developed in consultation with the "TRIPS" working group, led by an Operational Committee and an Executive Committee. The following were consulted: the Vice-Presidencies of Education, Research, International Relations, Continuing and Alternate Education, Vocational Guidance and Integration, the 18 institutional Institutes, the components, the AMU departments (DEVE, DRV, SFPC, SUIO, DRI, DPMSE) and the partners in the A*Midex consortium.

Type of projects supported

The TRIPs call for projects covers the creation of platforms, via funding for the necessary investments, and their operation, for which a specific budget may be allocated.
The following conditions must be met for a project to be supported:

  • Have a physical location,
  • Enable training through research,
  • Offer interdisciplinary training projects,
  • Provide training and/or enable student projects involving L-M-D students.

How to apply


Until July 7, 2023 - Noon

The call for expressions of interest (AMI) is a MANDATORY step in the process. It is a pre-analysis of projects in the pipeline, designed to evaluate applications and assess their feasibility.
During this stage, project sponsors can contact the relevant departments (depending on the nature of their project) to find out about the feasibility of their project and complete the information requested in the application file.


  • Projects involving IT or audiovisual solutions: Campus Digital Department (DirNum - site DirNum)
    Mr Jean-Philippe Floret:, Director of DirNUM (required for all projects);
  • Concerning the physical location of the project on the site: Direction du Développement du Patrimoine Immobilier (DDPI) site DDPI;
  • Projects impacting on safety, major maintenance and renewal, rehabilitation and adaptation of premises: Direction de l'Exploitation et du Patrimoine Immobilier (DEPIL) site DEPIL;
  • Projects involving health and safety, occupational risks and fire safety: Direction Hygiène Sécurité et Environnement (DHSE), site DHSE;
  • Projects involving a public procurement procedure or large-scale purchases: Direction de la Commande Publique (DCP), DCP site.

Following the call for expressions of interest, the project sponsor or its representative undertakes to carry out a site visit in the presence of the relevant departments and the TIGER operational team, in accordance with the schedule set out below: site visits will take place between July 17 and 25, 2023.

Please note: All winners of the TRIPs PAA (waves 1 and 2) will have the opportunity to apply in parallel to thePAA Soutien RH Plateforme (A*Midex), which may entitle them to Human Resources funding.



Until October 10, 2023 - Noon

From the opening date of stage 2, applicants who have submitted an initial intention will then be invited to submit their full application:

  • Stage 2 application file (without modifying the template)
  • The budget (use the Excel template provided in the appendix)
  • A letter of commitment from the institute's scientific and technical manager attesting to the capacity of his or her research unit/component to handle the administrative management of the project, and specifying how this application fits in with the institute's strategy.
  • A letter of commitment from each partner
  • A letter of commitment from each course wishing to use TRIP
  • A letter of commitment from the Administrative Manager validating the use of the TRIP site
  • An opinion document from the relevant departments on the feasibility of the project, completed during the site visit.
Contact information

Emilie Potin-Suau
TIGER Project Manager - France 2030

Aurélie Belenguer
Operational Manager, TIGER - France 2030 - Fondation A*Midex