IdEx co-financing actions

In addition to calls for projects, the foundation supports or co-finances structuring projects at the Aix-Marseille site level. This co-financing creates a leverage effect and increases the chances of selection by national or international funding bodies (such as MESR, the European Commission, the Region, etc.), as well as by structuring schemes, which themselves set up actions and calls for proposals.

Support for Junior Professorship funding

AMU organizes an annual campaign to recruit candidates for Junior Professorships initiated by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR).
Selected candidates are awarded €200k each from the ANR.
A*Midex can finance part of the Junior Professorship projects (up to €50,000) for candidates assigned to a research unit on the site, regardless of their employer.
This additional funding must be requested by the research unit, as soon as the project has been accepted by the MESR, and is subject to A*Midex validation.

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Financial support for Co-fund projects

A*Midex can be asked to finance part of your project if it is selected for the European Commission's Co-fund call.

Further information: Contact Solene Tyrlik
Examples of projects supported:

Financial support for disabled doctoral students

The A*Midex foundation supports AMU's policy of promoting access to academic careers for people with disabilities.

With a budget of €1.7 million for the period 2021 to 2024, the initiative provides funding for doctoral contracts, contract extensions and individualized support for PhD students with disabilities. A*Midex fully funds 4 new doctoral contracts per year.

At AMU, this initiative is implemented jointly by the Pôle de la vie étudiante, the Direction de la formation doctorale and the DRH disability unit.

Further information Page du contrat doctoral handicap

Atip-Avenir financial support

Designed as part of a partnership between Inserm and INSB within CNRS, the Atip-Avenir program enables young researchers to set up their own research teams in the life and health sciences.

A*Midex provides additional support to the winners of the ATIP-Avenir 2022 and 2023 calls on the Aix-Marseille site, enabling the funding of a doctoral student and an environmental budget for the doctoral student.

Financial support for refugee researchers from Ukraine

In 2022, Aix-Marseille Université deployed concrete logistical, financial and psychological actions to help Ukrainian and Russian refugees, students, researchers and research students affected by the war.

Among these actions, A*Midex co-finances work contracts for Ukrainian refugee researchers hosted on the Aix-Marseille site, subject to obtaining funding from dedicated programs such as the PAUSE-Ukraine program, coordinated by the DRV at AMU.
Seven contracts are currently supported by the foundation, with a budget of up to 180 k€.

Support for the CERCle ERC club

The CERCle, which brings together IdEx partners, supports applications from professors and researchers to the European Research Council (ERC) program.

A*Midex provides annual financial support of €10,000 to set up its activities, particularly training.

Further information The CERC pageThe ERC club

Financial support for European Research Council (ERC) fellowship applications

A*Midex can finance part of the position of the winner who wishes to join the Aix-Marseille site, or increase the chances of obtaining an ERC grant for researchers who do not have a permanent position.
Projects are supported if selected by the ERC.

Further information: Contact Solene Tyrlik

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