Industrial Chairs

Purpose of the industrial chairs :

The objectives of these bilateral partnerships are to :

  • Transforming the relationship between the academic and socio-economic research sectors by sharing a common multi-annual research and innovation strategy
  • Strengthen the potential for innovative research in the priority areas of the Aix-Marseille site and in particular within the future research and training institutes.
  • Enable public and private partners to access new skills and knowledge
  • Diversify and optimize funding by seeking new sources of funding at the national (FUI, ANRT, Foundations, etc.) or European (EIC) level.

Format :

  • This programme aims to support 2 industrial chairs per year for a period of 3 to 5 years, non-renewable.

Eligibility :

To be eligible, partnerships must be structured around :

  • one or more research units at the Aix-Marseille site
  • an enterprise, SME, ETI or large company

The partner company must be a commercial company, able to carry out the R&D activities to their completion in order to give credibility to the innovation process. In addition, the firm must have a presence on the Aix-Marseille site, either through its commercial or production activities or through its cooperation with the economic sectors in the area.

Spin-offs from the site's research institutions are excluded from the scheme.

Contact information

Project Officer Transfer with the socio-economic and cultural world
Antoine Parrot

Tél : 04 86 13 61 74 – email :

Industrial Chair