Commitment against racism and anti-Semitism

Engagement contre le racisme et l'antisémitisme

Committed to combating all forms of discrimination, AMU has set up a Racism-Antisemitism Referent who can be contacted on these issues and who coordinates awareness-raising, prevention and training activities on racism and anti-Semitism in collaboration with the Vice-Presidency for Combating Discrimination and the Camp des Milles Foundation.

1. Elements of definition

These definitions are taken from the book "Pour résister...", edited by Alain Chouraqui, preface Simone Veil, Ed. du Cherche Midi / Fondation du Camp des Milles, 2015.

Racism: unfounded beliefs that can lead from prejudice to tragedy

Racism is the belief in the existence of human "races" and in inequality between them. These two beliefs run counter to the progress of genetics as well as to the principle of the unity of humankind posed by the great movements of thought, religious or not. Racism stems from a confusion between difference and inequality, between legitimate differences between men and an unacceptable hierarchy of value and treatment between them.

Based on the idea that some "races" would be superior to others, racism leads to the abusive generalization, to the attribution of the supposed characteristics of a group to all members of that group and to the judgement of individuals according to their membership, real or supposed, in a "race". Moreover, even today, social or cultural differences are sometimes demagogically exploited in a racist sense, leading to the transformation of certain social or cultural problems into dangerous collective stigmatizations.

Anti-Semitism: deep-rooted prejudices and self-interested manipulation. Jews, easy scapegoats for the world's misfortunes

Anti-Semitism can be considered as a particular racism against Jews. Many prejudices, often contradictory, feed anti-Semitism according to the times: Jews are accused in turn of being revolutionary or capitalist, cowardly or bellicose, lazy or rich.

Historically, anti-Semitism has been fuelled by several factors: some are related to the fact that Jews have been a minority everywhere and always, and that minorities are easy scapegoats for majority populations.

2. What to do if you are a victim or witness of racist or anti-Semitic acts?

Contact 116 006 national victim assistance number (service and free calls 7/7)

If the facts occurred within AMU and/or involve an AMU staff or student, contact the Racism-Antisemitism Referent of Aix-Marseille University:

3. To be informed, trained and committed against racism and anti-Semitism

Supported by AMU and the Camp des Milles Foundation, and under the direction of A. Chouraqui, the UNESCO Chair in "Education for Citizenship, Human Sciences and Convergence of Memories" is unique in France. A citizen labelling system has been set up in this context, intended to complement the Camp des Milles' citizen education activities, with the support of DILCRAH and the Human Rights Defender. The aim is to enable a wide range of actors to carry out very diverse field actions, over time, under their institution. In this perspective, the Camp des Milles trains referees for two days to set up actions to fight extremism, racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination.

This scheme is eligible under the Bonus for student commitment to sustainable development, gender equality and anti-discrimination (Bonus DDEFHLD) (contact:

You will also find dedicated online training courses, such as the MOOC "Racism and anti-Semitism" offered by the FMSH in partnership with MENESR and DILCRAH.

  • We are updating the list of UEs provided to AMU on discrimination: it will soon be available here.
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Contact information

Racism and anti-Semitism referent of AMU
Richard Ghevontian

Vice-Presidency Delegate for Gender Equality & Anti-Discrimination
ESPE - 2 Avenue Jules Isaac (Suite A016)
13626 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 01

Tel: +33(0)4 13 55 55 32 34

Nolwenn Lécuyer
tel: 04 13 13 55 32 32 34

Christelle Easter-Labbay
tel: 04 13 13 55 32 32 34