Commitment against racism and anti-Semitism

tous unis contre la haine
Tous unis contre la haine

Aix Marseille University is committed to the fight against racism and anti-Semitism.
What should you do if you are a victim or witness of racist or anti-Semitic acts?
Contact the Respect and Equality Department at

Consult the tools and resources below and find out about the training, information and awareness-raising activities offered.
Find the actions proposed during the week of education and action from March 21 to 25, 2022.

1. Definitions

(Definitions taken from the book "Pour résister...", edited by Alain Chouraqui, Ed. du Cherche Midi / Fondation du Camp des Milles, 2015).

Racism is the belief in the existence of human "races" and inequality between them. Based on the idea that some "races" are superior to others, racism leads to abusive generalizations, to attribute the supposed characteristics of a group to all members of that group and to judge individuals according to their true or supposed membership in a "race". Moreover, even today, social or cultural differences are sometimes demagogically exploited in a racist sense, leading to the transformation of certain social or cultural problems into dangerous collective stigmatization.

Anti-Semitism can be considered as a specific racism against Jews. But its many specificities often lead to its being mentioned separately. Numerous prejudices, often contradictory, fuel anti-Semitism according to the times: Jews are alternately accused of being revolutionaries or capitalists, cowards or warmongers, lousy or rich. Historically, anti-Semitism has been fueled by several factors: some are linked to the fact that Jews have always been a minority everywhere, and that minorities are easy scapegoats for the majority populations.

2. Victim or witness? Staff, students, how to find listening, help and advice?

Internal resources at Aix Marseille University:


External resources :

  • National victim support number 116 006 (free call 7/7)
  • DILCRAH fight against racism and anti-Semitism #TousUnisContreLaHaine (Week of education and action against racism and anti-Semitism from 21 to 27 March 2022)
  • LICRA Victim or witness, take action! You are a witness or a victim of racism or anti-Semitism on the internet, in your environment... ? To remain silent is to let it happen. Find out how to act
  • Official portal of the Ministry of the Interior Platform PHAROS to report illegal content or behavior published on the Internet and to fight against the spread of hate speech on social networks.
  • Platform Educate against racism, the values of the Republic of the Canopé Network in partnership with the DILCRAH, making available to the public, and especially to teachers and educators, a set of resources on the theme of deconstructing racist and anti-Semitic discourse, including educational sheets and videos to prevent, educate and act against racism.

3. Commitment against racism and anti-Semitism

Throughout the year, and particularly in March during the week of education and action against racism and anti-Semitism, AMU gives a strong impetus to actions to prevent racism and anti-Semitism and to defend and promote human rights and the fundamental principles of the Republic.

You can find the 2022 program on the right.

Training and awareness actions :

  • New training area Fight against racism and anti-Semitism for staff since March 2021 registration on GEFORP
  • Agreement with the Camp des Milles memorial site:

The only large French internment and deportation camp (1939-1942) still intact, the Camp des Milles is today an innovative and unique museum of History and Human Sciences in Europe. Based on its history, it allows us to understand how extremism, racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination can lead our societies to the worst, and presents the capacities of each person to resist these intolerances.

Supported by Aix Marseille University and the Camp des Milles Foundation, and under the direction of Alain Chouraqui,the UNESCO Chair in Citizenship Education, Human Sciences and the Convergence of Memories is unique in France. It offers educational activities based on both the historical and scientific dimensions of genocide, in order to understand the underlying psychosocial mechanisms and to develop preventive actions.

Co-produced with the University of Aix-Marseille, the training provided by the Memorial Site gives meaning to the commitment of executives in the accomplishment of their mission of authority within their work organization, enlightening the individual on his or her strengths and weaknesses in the exercise of authority as well as in the execution of his or her duties, and highlighting each person's capacity for resistance in the face of difficult situations and environmental aggressions.


The events of March 2022:

  • Conference by Mario Stasi, President of the LICRA on March 22 at 3pm, Amphi Mistral, FDSP Aix
  • Mock trial organized by the BDE of the Faculty of Law and Political Science on March 23, 2022 More info Here
  • Exhibitions GIRAFES of Bruce Parramore (original drawings) in the BU INSPE of Aix en Provence of Digne and Avignon.
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