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The SUIO (Service Universitaire d'Insertion et d'Orientation)

It assists students, high-school pupils and recent graduates in their orientation, reorientation and professional integration.


Aix-Marseille University's Mission Handicap
It welcomes and supports students with physical, sensory or psychological disabilities, dyslexia or long-term disabling health conditions.

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Center Régional des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires and Scolaires
It manages scholarships and financial aid, as well as university residences and restaurants. The CROUS helps you find a job compatible with your studies and also offers cultural activities. Finally, it is responsible for welcoming foreign students.


Culture and Society Department

This department offers a wide range of cultural programs and initiatives to develop a framework that encourages creativity, expression and the dissemination of arts and culture on campus.

Respect and equality

Respect and Equality Service

A place to listen, prevent, report and deal with situations of sexist and sexual violence and discrimination of all kinds, this one-stop shop offers comprehensive support for victims and witnesses, in a spirit of benevolence and confidentiality.


University Physical and Sports Activities Service

The SUAPS offers students more than 80 sports activities, available throughout Aix-Marseille University.


Inter-University Service for Medicine, Prevention and Health Promotion
Its mission is to monitor students' health and develop preventive and health education initiatives. It issues medical certificates for study and examination accommodations for students with disabilities.


Schooling services

The schooling services manage enrolments, teaching schedules, studies and the withdrawal of diplomas for all AMU courses.



The SUL (Service Universitaire des Langues), a joint AMU service, offers training and resources in French as a foreign language for foreign students and staff, as well as in modern foreign languages, to complement initial and continuing training for students (self-training and Bonus langue, in particular).


International Relations Department

It oversees the management of student mobility. It assists AMU students wishing to study or do an internship abroad. The DRI also welcomes all international students who come to study at AMU.


University libraries
A network of 17 BUs welcomes all AMU students and offers them printed and electronic documentation as well as on-site and remote services.


Student Life Office

The Bureau de la Vie Etudiante (Student Life Office) supports you in your non-academic student projects, associative activities and disability-related matters.


Sustainable Development Department
The Sustainable Development Department works to ensure that staff and students adopt a sustainable approach in all their daily activities, whether at work or at school.


Vice Presidency for Equality between Women and Men and the Fight against Discrimination

She manages an ambitious action plan to promote equality, inclusion and diversity.


The entrepreneurship cluster - Pépite Provence
The Pépite Provence entrepreneurship cluster offers students the opportunity to develop a business idea or project during their studies, through a shared annual program of events, facilities and training courses.


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