Living and study conditions

Enquete academique 2016 conditions de vie etudiante

The fourth aspect of the OVE's missions is the conditions of study and student life, which make it possible to take stock of student practices: participation in campus life, use of the AMU offer in terms of culture, sport, community life, use of the various support systems for university admission.

Intake survey in L1 ALLSH in 2018-2019

During the 2018-2019 academic year, the ALLSH UFR conducted a survey to evaluate the reception facilities for L1 students.

The survey questionnaire asked them about the reception, the information provided, the visit to the various spaces and buildings on the Lettres campus and their overall level of satisfaction.

Collection of opinions on career paths by ALLSH Bachelor 1 students in 2018-2019

The ALLSH UFR wanted to conduct a survey on the use of Parcoursup among L1 students with a double objective:

  1. evaluate the use of the platform at the end of its first year of use in 2018 by high school seniors,
  2. identify areas for improvement and optimize the entire L1 registration system in ALLSH through the Parcoursup platform.

2016 Academic Survey on Student Living Conditions

AMU is participating in partnership with the University of Avignon, the Rectorate of Aix Marseille, the CROUS of Aix Marseille and the Urban Planning Agencies of Marseille, Aix-en-Provence and Avignon in the implementation of an academic survey on student life in higher education.

The academic collection took place in February 2016 and asked students online about their living and studying conditions.
This survey was completed in the spring of 2016 by the sixth edition of the National EAW's three-year survey, which interviewed a sample of AMU students.

Sports activities of AMU students in 2012/2013

The survey made it possible to take stock of students' sports practices, both within and outside AMU, and to identify their degree of satisfaction with the sports facilities offered to AMU. The survey also looked at students who do not participate in any sport in order to find out what their expectations might be or why they are not able to do so. More than three thousand students participated in the collection.

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