Internship: definition and regulations

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The internship corresponds to a temporary period of work experience in a professional environment, during which the trainee acquires professional skills and puts into practice what he or she has learned in training with a view to obtaining a diploma or certification, and fostering professional integration (in accordance with article L 124-1 of the French Education Code).

1. Introduction

The internship described on this page is for students enrolled in an initial training program in a higher education course.

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The signed internship agreement is the mandatory reference document for my internship.

Consult the guide des stages from the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation

Guide des stages











2. Periods and duration of internship

An internship can only take place if the student is enrolled in a training establishment and has obtained its approval. It is therefore conditional on current administrative enrolment, and cannot end after the examination board has been convened.

It is calculated in hours of actual presence, excluding public holidays and weekends, and can be continuous or discontinuous (e.g.: 2 days/week for 4 months).
The duration of an internship is limited to 6 months, i.e. 924 hours of actual presence.


3. Gratuity and benefits

Gratuity is a sum of money paid as part of an internship. 
It is compulsory for internships lasting more than 2 months, i.e. from the 309th hour of actual presence. However, payment is optional for internships lasting less than 2 months.

Since January 1, 2023, the minimum hourly amount has been €4.05/hour (i.e. 15% of the hourly social security ceiling). 
Public bodies are not allowed to exceed this threshold.

A gratification calculation simulator is available at this address :

Please note: in the event of suspension or termination of the agreement, the amount of the gratuity due to the intern is prorated according to the duration of the internship.

Trainees enjoy the same benefits as employees of the host organization, such as access to the company restaurant, reimbursement of travel and mission expenses, etc. 
The host organization is free to decide how many days of leave to grant and how many. 
These benefits must be mentioned in the internship agreement.


4. Insurance

Membership of the social security system and civil liability insurance are compulsory for internships.
Additional insurance is required for internships abroad. See appendix for internships abroad

Information on coverage in the event of illness or accident on the way to work or at work is available :


5. Changing, interrupting or postponing your internship

My internship can be suspended and postponed to a later date, in the event of illness for example. This is to be agreed between the parties.
It may be decided to terminate a course. This decision must be preceded by written agreement between the parties. If no common ground is found, the internship will be definitively terminated without prior notice.
Any modification to the initial training agreement is formalized by an amendment.

6. Other internship formats and methods

The internship can be carried out remotely or on a distance basis, if the assignment allows. In this case, the agreement must specify the days concerned and the address at which they will take place. 
Please note: the legislative framework applicable to telecommuting only concerns salaried employees, and therefore does not apply to interns.

Internships can take place abroad.
See -letranger
It is subject to the principle of "territoriality of law", in which case the legislation of the country concerned applies, unless French legislation is accepted: see V. Focus on ... 1 Internships abroad (p45) - Guide des stages du Ministère (in French)

As part of your student commitment, an internship can take the form of ..:

  • Volunteer work in an association outside AMU
  • A professional activity
  • Civic service
  • Voluntary service in the armed forces
  • Military activity in the operational reserve
  • Volunteer fire-fighter service

see point 5: https: //

It isalso possible to take a gap year in the form of an internship:

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