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Concerned about the installation of its international students in France, the University organizes preparation conferences in video. This pre-reentry event offers students the opportunity to begin their administrative procedures in a serene manner.

AMU Prep'Days: the must-attend pre-school event

Every year in May, admitted international students choose the university to which they wish to continue their studies. This is also when they begin their first administrative steps. Applying for a VISA, finding housing, finding out about banking institutions... These are all aspects that can quickly turn out to be complex to understand and moreover, remotely. It is for this reason that Aix-Marseille Université is committed to its admitted students to accompany them throughout this process and to allow them to apprehend with method all the steps they are led to carry out.

This new digital device, implemented throughout the month of June, allows admitted international students to meet for the first time, and participate in online conferences in French and English according to their preference.

4 themed conferences to prepare for arrival in France

The conferences will address in turn several complementary and sometimes mandatory themes:

  • VISA: applying for a VISA, renewal
  • Housing: finding housing, the guarantor
  • Banking: opening a bank account
  • Insurance: civil and home insurance
  • Work: French legislation, temporary work authorization
  • Health: social security, mutual health insurance
  • Social aid: housing allowance by the CAF
  • University life : administrative and pedagogical registrations, campus life
  • Everyday life: budget, shopping, tourism...

Conferences replay

The lectures will be recorded and the replays will be made available to students on this page.
Here are the replays of the first 2022 edition of AmuPrepDays!

and Accomodation

 Bank, Insurance
and Health

Work and Social Help

 University and Daily Life

AMU prep Days 1
AMU prep Days 2
AMU prep Days 3
AMU prep Days 4
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