AMU Prep' Days conferences

To help its international students settle in France, the university organizes webinars to help them prepare for their arrival. These pre-entry meetings give students the opportunity to begin their administrative procedures in a calm and methodical manner.

AMU Prep'Days: the essential pre-school event

Every year, just before the summer break, admitted international students make their final choice of university to begin their studies. This is also the time when they begin their first administrative steps.
VISA application, finding accommodation, banking information... So many aspects that are difficult to understand, especially from a distance.

That's why Aix-Marseille Université is committed to helping its admitted students through all the steps they need to take, thanks to a series of thematic online conferences.

Are you about to start your first semester at university, or planning to start soon? 
Aix-Marseille Université has put together a video guide for you! Visit the AMU YouTube page!


5 themed online conferences to prepare your arrival in France

A series of conferences is organized in French during the month of June by the Accueil des étudiants internationaux team. A number of partners have been invited to take part in the event, to provide students with the best possible help in completing the necessary formalities:

  • VISA: application, validation and renewal
  • Housing: methodology for finding accommodation, guarantor
  • Banking: opening a bank account
  • Insurance : compulsory insurance (civil and home)
  • Work : methodology for finding a job (French legislation, temporary work permit)
  • Health: social security, mutual health insurance
  • Social assistance: CAF housing allowance
  • University life: administrative and academic registration, campus life
  • Daily life: budgeting, shopping, tourism...

Following these 5 themed conferences, two Q&A sessions in English and French are organized to answer students' questions!

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Conference replay

All lectures are recorded and uploaded to YouTube and the international student facebook group! And for non-French speakers, the replays are subtitled in English!