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Exchange programs offer students registered at Aix-Marseille University the opportunity to pursue their studies in a foreign partner university for a semester or an academic year. As an Aix-Marseille University student, you will take your courses at the host university where you will be exempted from registration fees. In most cases, thanks to the transfer of credits obtained, the courses taken will enable you to obtain your degree prepared within Aix-Marseille University.

Learn about the application process:

1. How to apply? :

2. How to finance your stay?

3. Additional information and contacts

How to apply?

Step 1: Take the time to get information

To begin with, consult the destination catalogs and check your eligibility by paying particular attention to all the information about the different partner universities at your disposal:

  • Course catalogs open to international students
  • Academic calendars
  • Language requirements
  • Financial criteria
  • Information materials, etc.

If you have found a destination that interests you and for which you are eligible, please contact

  • Your International Relations pedagogical advisor , who will advise and assist you in defining your mobility project
  • Your international mobility manager who will explain the application procedure and accompany you in all the steps related to your future mobility

Step 2: Constitution of the application file

You will be asked to provide

  • Your university transcripts
  • Your Curriculum Vitae.
  • A letter of motivation explaining your mobility project and your choice of destinations.
  • A draft study contract indicating the list of courses chosen for each destination. This document will have to be validated by the person in charge of training at Aix-Marseille University.
    After the selections, it will serve as the basis for the elaboration of your future study contract which will have to be signed this time by the 3 parties involved (the student, the AMU educational advisor and the educational advisor in the partner university). It will also guarantee the recognition of your course abroad upon your return from your mobility.

Please note: some destinations require specific language skills and/or language test results. Self-evaluate and register quickly for the next test sessions in order to have the results before the application deadline.

Step 3: Application on the Mobility Portal

Once your mobility project has been identified and elaborated and your mobility file is complete, make sure you have valid identity documents for the desired period of your future mobility.
Before applying, take the time to carefully read the instructions provided by your component in the component tab on the homepage of the mobility portal.

You will then have the choice of applying to the AMU Global Mobility Campaign or the Disciplinary Mobility Campaign specific to your component on the 2023-2024 Mobility Portal

The application form "AMU CIVIS Hors-Europe" is open until December 15, 2022 at 11:59 pm. It includes European CIVIS destinations - Outside Europe CIVIS (Glasgow and Lausanne) - Outside Europe for multidisciplinary agreements involving several components - Some destinations outside Europe for certain components such as FDSP or ALLSH

The disciplinary/ERASMUS" form is open. The application deadline depends on the component. It includes European destinations - Outside Europe - Outside Europe to the AMU CIVIS Outside Europe form (see the conditions according to your component)

These deadlines are indicated in the information tab of each component on the 2023-2024 mobility portal.

Step 4: Verification of applications

The International Relations Department and the International Relations Departments of the components check the applications and organize selection committees.

Step 5: Pre-selection

If you are pre-selected, an offer will be made on your Mobility Portal and you will be asked to give your answer quickly.

Step 6: Nominations to the partner universities

During this phase, the partner university in which you wish to study may ask you to complete another file with their international services. It is important to pay particular attention to the preparation of this type of file.
The final selection is made by the host university, which will send you an admission letter. Only this letter is considered to be the acceptance of your mobility and allows you to proceed with the necessary steps (visa, transportation, accommodation...)

To learn more about the steps involved in the post-appointment process, consult the practical guide to preparing for your departure.

How to finance your stay?

In order to finance your stay, there are several mobility grants that are managed by the International Relations department of your component.

Find out about all the options available to you depending on the mobility program you have chosen or your profile.

Additional information and contacts

An exchange is a project that must be prepared a year in advance.
It is essential to check the application deadlines for each program!