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Exchange programs offer students registered at Aix-Marseille University the opportunity to pursue their studies in a foreign partner university for a semester or an academic year. As an Aix-Marseille University student, you will take your courses at the host university where you will be exempted from registration fees. In most cases, thanks to the transfer of credits obtained, the courses taken will enable you to obtain your degree prepared within Aix-Marseille University.

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How to apply

Step 1: Research and contact the International Relations Department

Every year, the International Relations Department organizes "International Month" during the month of October. You'll be invited to take part in the information meetings organized on your campus and to view the webinars made available on the AMU website. These events will enable you to gather all the information you need to initiate your future university exchange project, and to identify the people who can support you in this process.

We also encourage you to consult the destination catalogs. If you have found a destination that interests you and is open to your career path, we encourage you to contact :

Step 2: Putting together your application file

Once you've made your plans, you'll need to gather together a number of documents to put together your application file:

  • Your university transcripts
  • Your Curriculum Vitae.
  • Your cover letter explaining your university exchange project and your choice of destinations.
  • Your draft study contract, listing your chosen courses and destinations. This document must be validated by your Aix-Marseille University course coordinator.
    After the selections, it will serve as the basis for drawing up your future study contract, which must be signed by the 3 parties involved (the student, the AMU educational advisor and the educational advisor at the partner university). It will also guarantee recognition of your course abroad on your return.

Please note: some destinations require specific language skills and/or test results. Self-evaluate and register early for the next test sessions, so that you have the results before the application deadlines.

Step 3: Application on the Mobility Portal

Before you begin your application, please take the time to carefully read the instructions provided by your component in the component tab on the Mobility Portal home page.

Connect to the mobility portal (via the link sent to you by your mobility manager)! You will then have the choice of applying to the AMU Global Mobility Campaign and/or the Component Mobility Campaign .

Step 4: File checking and pre-selection

Once you have submitted your application on the mobility portal, the International Relations Department and the component International Relations Departments check the applications and organize selection committees.

If you are shortlisted, an offer will be made on your Mobility Portal, and you will be asked to reply as soon as possible.

Don't forget that you'll need valid identity papers to cover the duration of your stay abroad.

Stage 5: Nomination to partner universities

Once your application has been pre-selected and the offer accepted, the partner university where you wish to study may ask you to complete another application with their international department. It is important to pay particular attention to the preparation of this type of application.

The final selection is made by the host university, which will then send you a letter of acceptance. Only this letter can be considered as acceptance of your mobility, enabling you to proceed with all the necessary formalities (visa, transport, accommodation, etc.). It can take up to two months to receive your letter of acceptance.

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