You've been selected for an international study placement and received confirmation from your partner university. Congratulations!

The main stages in monitoring your study mobility

In the run-up to your departure, but also throughout your study mobility, you will be asked to complete several follow-up forms on the same mobility portal you used to apply.

These forms will enable our administrative services to:

  • collect the information and documents needed to compile your mobility file
  • validate your mobility
  • Examine your eligibility for a grant and pay the grant if you are eligible.
  • Receive additional documents during your mobility and on your return.

At the same time, don't forget to consult our preparation page to make sure you don't forget anything!

Before you leave on your study mobility program

Complete the post-nomination form between mid-April and the end of May

This form will enable you to :

  • Confirm your planned dates of mobility
  • Indicate any scholarships you may have received during a previous study period abroad
  • Submit the initial documents required to apply for a grant(conditional or definitive Crous notification, Erasmus+ inclusion documents, etc.).

During the Scholarship Committee meeting, our departments will assess your eligibility for the various grants offered by Aix Marseille Université. Following the committee meeting, you will receive notification of your scholarship award or, if applicable, notification that your scholarship has not been awarded.
Please note that if your university exchange is part of the Erasmus+ program, you will have the opportunity to take a language test via the EU Academy platform. Whatever the result, this will not affect your financial aid, but will enable you to assess your level and access the Erasmus+ Program's online courses to support you throughout your mobility.

Complete the mobility application form from July-August onwards

This form will enable you to :

  • Reconfirm your planned mobility dates, if any changes have been made to the information filled in at the previous stage.
  • Submit the documents required to complete your mobility file (AMU school attendance certificate, copies of insurance certificates required for international mobility, copy of European Health Insurance Card if applicable).
  • Submit your study contract signed by all parties (at least: you and your AMU academic advisor).
  • Submit your RIB if you are eligible for a grant and your conditional or definitive Crous notification if you are concerned.

During your study mobility

Complete the follow-up form - on arrival

This form will enable you to :

  • Submit your arrival certificate signed by your host institution
  • Submit your AMU registration certificate for the year of mobility and/or your final CROUS notification if you are concerned and were unable to submit them at the previous stage.

This step is essential, as it provides AMU with proof of your mobility and enables us to collect the final proof of payment of your scholarship, if applicable.

Completing the follow-up form - during mobility

If any changes have been made to your study contract, you can use this form to submit them during your mobility.

On your return

Fill in the follow-up form - on your return

This form will enable you to upload the documents you need to finalize your mobility file:

  • Submit the return section of your attendance certificate, signed by the host establishment.
  • Submit proof of eco-responsible transport for Erasmus+ mobility.

This stage is proof of your return to France, and will enable AMU to arrange payment of the balance of your grant if you are concerned, and the payment of financial supplements linked to the use of eco-responsible transport.

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