Thematic Digital Universities (UNT)

The university has defined internal calls for projects such as the PIF or the SDN9 project of the Digital Master Plan. You can also create a MOOC or respond to a call for projects from thematic digital universities. The ICSB can help you define your project and write your response to the call for projects.

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The Thematic Digital Universities, UNTs, are disciplinary groupings of higher education institutions that pool, on a national scale, pedagogical content produced by university teachers, of all kinds (documents, courses, exercises, examples, etc.), in any disciplinary field, and for any form of teaching (face-to-face or not).

They identify these resources produced, and through calls for projects giving entitlement to funding, produce new ones. Aix-Marseille University is a member of five Thematic Digital Universities (UNT). For each of them, a UNT correspondent has been appointed by the President. You can contact him for any information on current calls for projects. These UNT are :

  • UNESS for Université Numérique en Santé et Sport: AMU correspondent, Stéphane Berdah
    • Projects from previous years
      • Development of web-based distance learning web conferences for the training of dental interns, Proposer: DEJOU Jacques, 2014
      • Analysis of videotaped classroom situations for training to teach PSE, Carrier: ROCHE Lionel, 2014
      • Handball Didactics and Pedagogy, Carrier: ROCHE Lionel, 2014
      • Training in PES intervention, Carrier: ROCHE Lionel, 2013
      • Digital resources in ABS, Carrier: ROCHE Lionel, 2013
  • UNISCIAL for University of SCIences Online, in Basic Sciences,
    • AMU Correspondent: Jean-Marc Virey
    • See the call for permanent projects and its themes
    • Projects from previous or current years
      • Question Banks in Mechanics (C. Pardanaux), Chemistry (F. Borget, P. Nava and H. Karoui), and Physics (J. M. Laugier), 2016
      • Production of remediation elements, question bank and video capsules, carriers: C. Pardanaux, F. Borget, P. Nava, H. Karoui, J. M. Laugier, 2018
  • UNJF for Université Numérique Juridique Francophone en Sciences Juridiques et Politiques: AMU correspondent, : Guylène Nicolas
  • UOH for Open University of the Humanities in Human and Social Sciences, Languages and Art
    📌 New call for proposals: AAP2019, annex, form.
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