Thematic Digital Universities (TDU)

The university has defined internal calls for projects such as the FIP or the SDN9 project of the digital master plan. You can also create a MOOC or respond to a call for projects from thematic digital universities. The CIPE can help you define your project and write your response to the call for projects.

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The Thematic Digital Universities(UNT) are disciplinary groupings of higher education institutions that pool, on a national scale, educational content produced by university teachers, of all kinds (documents, courses, exercises, examples, etc.), in all disciplinary fields, and for all forms of teaching (face-to-face or not).

They list the resources produced and, through calls for projects giving entitlement to funding, produce new ones. Aix-Marseille University is a member of five Thematic Digital Universities (UNT). For each of them, a UNT correspondent has been appointed by the President. You can contact him/her for any information on the current calls for projects. These NTUs are:

  • IUTenLigne: AMU correspondent, Fabrice Lhotte
  • UNESS - Digital University in Health and Sport: AMU correspondent, Stéphane Berdah
  • UNISCIEL - UNiversity of Science Online, in Basic Sciences : AMU correspondent, Jean-Marc Virey
  • UNJF - Université Numérique Juridique Francophone en Sciences juridiques et politiques : AMU correspondent, Frédéric LAURIE
  • UOH - Université Ouverte des Humanités in Humanities and Social Sciences, Languages and Art: AMU correspondent, Véronique Ginouvès
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