Press releases 2021

07/12/2021 Research: students prefer "accredited" schools Download
03/12/2021 Inauguration of the Connected Store 4.0 Download
02/12/2021 Inauguration of the Nikon Center of Excellence for Neuro-NanoImaging Download
02/12/2021 The great symphonic concerts of OSAMU&CO Download
01/12/2021 Academic evening: awarding of academic honours and medals of the University 2021 Download
30/11/2021 Aix-Marseille University's CISAM+ project wins the "ExcellencEs" call for projects (PIA 4) Download
29/11/2021 IRD and AMU strengthen their scientific cooperation in the South Download
26/11/2021 Living Lab +RESILIENT: 3 days of exchanges on social innovations Download
25/11/2021 NeuroStories 2021 - Beyond the 5 senses! Download
23/11/2021 Aix-Marseille University at the Student Fair in Aix-en-Provence Download
17/11/2021 3rd International Theatre Week of AMU: a meeting place for the public and for theatrical activity Download
16/11/2021 University libraries unveil their "treasures Download
09/11/2021 Scientific Evening: Presentation of Honorary and Scientific Awards Honoris Causa and Thesis Prizes Download
25/10/2021 Cirm-Luminy: starting today, a mathematical, sporting and cultural holiday for around thirty high school girls, hosted at the Centre international de rencontres mathématiques! Download
15/10/2021 Inauguration of the CEMEREM 7 Tesla MRI Download
11/10/2021 CIRM celebrates its 40th anniversary! Download
11/10/2021 Maritimité(s): Crossed views on maritime identities in the Southern Region Download
08/10/2021 Psychological control in the field of sport: film-debate on the film "Slalom" by Charlène Favier Download
07/10/2021 National Exobiology Conference at Aix-Marseille University: what is the future and what are the stakes for this interdisciplinary field of knowledge? Download

New "International Month": an ode to diversity and intercultural exchanges

29/09/2021 Aix-Marseille University and its socio-economic partners: a new format for the SAE Download
29/09/2021 Better support for high-level sports students: creation of training and sports performance centres Download
21/09/2021 A first university solar cooking competition open to all! Download
17/09/2021 The European Researchers' Night invites you to travel Download
08/09/2021 Cycle of interdisciplinary meetings in partnership with the Mucem, the CNRS and the IRD Download
08/09/2021 One more step in the construction of the European University CIVIS: creation of the Open Lab Aix-Marseille University Download
07/09/2021 Aix-Marseille University's official opening ceremony: President Berton and his governance team present the university's challenges and common ambitions for the region to their partners Download
02/09/2021 The dates for the start of the academic year 2021-2022 within Aix-Marseille University Download
22/07/2021 Aix-Marseille University at the World Conservation Congress - IUCN Download
22/07/2021 AMU and MGEN strengthen their cooperation Download
05/07/2021 Research: The date of appearance of cereals is set back more than two million years Download
02/07/2021 Climate Council: review meeting and continuation of actions Download
29/06/2021 Renewal of the agreement between Aix-Marseille University and the PACA Regional Health Agency Download
22/06/2021 Graduation of the University Certificate " Correspondant Handicap in the public service ". Download
21/06/2021 Writing and Creation Prize: Aix-Marseille University honoured the winners of its first literary competition Download
17/06/2021 PIA 4: AMU submits the CISAM+ project as part of the "Excellence" call for projects Download
15/06/2021 Massilia Solar Cooking Contest 21: a first solar cooking contest open to all! Download
11/06/2021 Aix-Marseille University and the Camp des Milles Foundation united for the transmission of the values of the Republic: Citizenship, secularism, culture of commitment, and the fight against racism and anti-Semitism Download
09/06/2021 Treize Minutes Marseille: an event of scientific popularization not to be missed Download
01/06/2021 Vaccine against COVID-19: the Department 13 vaccination bus on other AMU campuses Download
01/06/2021 Creation of the "PACA Dental" chair: Aix-Marseille University and Biotech Dental join forces in the field of implantable medical devices Download
31/05/2021 WitMonki, a French startup, launches the world's first ECG recorder in credit card format and certified as a "medical device Download
28/05/2021 Vaccine against COVID-19: finally very easily accessible to students, on AMU campus or in Marseille center, without appointment. Download
27/05/2021 "Transhumanism: new rights?" : meeting and discussions between researchers and high school students Download
17/05/2021 RESEARCH: A fourth crater-tectite pair discovered on Earth! Download
14/05/2021 Aix-Marseille University continues its commitment to the fight against LGBTIphobia Download
12/05/2021 New training 2021 - 2022: double bi-disciplinary degree Law - Letters Download
06/05/2021 Aix-Marseille University and the Archives Nationales d'Outre-Mer partners Download
28/04/2021 The Institute of Public Management and Territorial Governance of Aix-Marseille University, will open its " Prépa Talents IMPGT + " at the beginning of the next school year. Download
19/04/2021 Quai des étudiants: joy, discovery and encounters to respond to the social isolation of students Download
06/04/2021 Les Idéesfricheurs : creathlon 2.0 5th edition Download
23/03/2021 Training and professional integration: Aix -Marseille University and SNEF join forces in the field of high-tech solutions Download
19/03/2021 Students: 8 hours in a row to stand out from the crowd! Raising awareness of entrepreneurship via a 100% online Escape Game Download
18/03/2021 The DD en TRANS' competition online: a fun and sustainable way to promote student projects! Download
10/03/2021 Salon de l'Alternance 2021 Download
08/03/2021 Regional final of MT180: Promoting and popularizing science Download
04/03/2021 Rendezvous for the 2021 Masters Fair 100% online on March 13 Download
04/03/2021 Priority vaccination for students: AMU supports the SUD Region Download
02/03/2021 Discovering science: Aix-Marseille University partner of the 23rd edition of Brain Week Download
12/02/2021 Innovation: Memorandum of Understanding between AMU and the DMIA Download
04/02/2021 Our inner forests: a sociological webdocumentary on the reception of theatre by young audiences Download
04/02/2021 The University Libraries: a refuge for AMU students Download
03/02/2021 Open Day 100% online: High school students, discover the university from home Download
01/02/2021 Discovering institutional institutes: vectors of innovation in the link between education - research - openness to the world Download
29/01/2021 Olympic and Paralympic Week: Aix-Marseille University joins the "Dancing towards 2024" project Download
28/01/2021 Opening of a University Certificate in Animal Law Download
22/01/2021 Aix-Marseille University asserts its social policy and changes its logo Download
22/01/2021 National stimulus plan: AMU is the best endowed university with 61.1 million euros for its building energy renovation projects Download
11/01/2021 Student fair: the university invites itself to your home! Download
04/01/2021 Back to school in 2021: how to resume activities Download


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