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AMeTICE, Aix Marseille Enseignement avec les TICE, is AMU's pedagogical platform. To access AMeTICE, go to your ENT, then in the Pedagogy tab, select AMeTICE.

Teachers can open class areas to deposit documents, communicate with students or propose online activities . Based on the free software Moodle, designed around the principles of socio-constructivist pedagogy, AMeTICE allows, in addition to the deposit of pedagogical resources, a follow-up and a thorough accompaniment of the students, with varied activities and online evaluations.

Every year we update the version of Moodle to bring you the latest developments. This change takes place during the month of July. We also upgrade the basic functionality by adding extensions (plugins) that allow for example to add a question type in tests or new activities such as crossword puzzles.

  • The ICSB offers many training courses on its use. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can organize some for your pedagogical team at the dates that suit you.
  • A help course on how to use the platform is available. To access it, click directly on this link or on AMeTICE, in the navigation bar, click on Teachers and then on AMeTICE Help.
  • You can also download the simplified user manual or access the FAQ.
  • You can also make us a ticket:

2. efoliAM

efoliAM is the ePorfolio platform of Aix-Marseille University based on the Mahara open source solution. It is a complementary pedagogical tool to AMeTICE constituting a learner-centered pedagogical platform that allows the student to build his ePortfolio throughout his university education. The efoliAM platform provides you with functionalities for evaluating and monitoring learning from a perspective other than that proposed in AMeTICE: individualized and transversal monitoring, centered on the learner's path. This system thus encourages pedagogical innovation, and its use is particularly adapted for active pedagogy, project-based pedagogy and collaborative work. The eportfolio is also a good support for the constitution of competency portfolios (VAE, C2i, ...) and professional project files.

A help course on how to use efoliAM is available. The ICSB also offers training in its use. To access the course :

  • Go to AMUTICE: go to your ENT, then in the Pedagogy tab select AMUTICE.
  • To access the help, in AMeTICE, on the homepage, in the search field, type the course name "EfoliAM - eportfolio platform" or click on this direct link to the help course.
  • You can also send us a ticket:

3.Anti-plagiarism COMPILATIO

The University of Aix-Marseille has implemented the COMPILATIO plagiarism detection solution. This solution allows the detection of similarities between a document submitted to it and its internal document base. The latter is made up of the main websites on the Internet (Wikipedia, etc.), document databases (online theses, etc.) or documents previously analysed by all users of the COMPILATIO system, including documents submitted by AMU, such as students' dissertations from previous years.

The analysis by COMPILATIO allows to determine a percentage of similarities between the source document and the database. It is up to each teacher to assess whether this percentage represents plagiarism or not. In order to help teachers in this evaluation work, but also students to integrate the issue of plagiarism in the writing of their documents, AMU provides our community with the following Infoplag webpage:

How to use anti-plagiarism in teaching? 
The use of the COMPILATIO system for the detection of similarities is always at the initiative of the teacher, with two modalities to choose from:

  • AMeTICE: simply create an assignment in a course on AMeTICE, activate the anti-plagiarism feature, and then ask your students to submit their work. The submitted document will be automatically submitted to COMPILATIO detection and the result of the analysis will appear in this activity.
  • COMPILATIO: by connecting directly to your COMPILATIO Magister teacher account at the following address
    Teachers must log on to the COMPILATIO platform using their AMU login.
    In this account, it is possible to analyse documents one by one or to create a "homework folder" attached to an analysis web address that can be sent to a group of students.
    The analysis reports of the documents submitted directly on the site can be consulted in the teacher's COMPILATIO Magister account environment.

Need help with COMPILATIO?

4. AMUconnect

The university, as part of SDN 46 "Supporting Distance Learning", has chosen the Adobe Connect application as its virtual classroom animation tool.

Until now, licences were granted on a priority basis to teachers involved in distance learning. It has been decided to make this application available to all teachers and staff involved in pedagogy. To be able to animate a meeting, please connect to the AdobeCoManager application: This application allows you to reserve a time slot during which you will have the role of host and you will then be able to animate a virtual class on AMUconnect.

AMUconnect Help.

You can also make us a ticket:

Attention this tool has specific functionalities of virtual classroom animation; it is reserved for pedagogy. It does not in any way replace Skype which is the communication tool dedicated to exchanges between remote staff.

5. AMUZoom

Zoom is a web conferencing tool that allows for meetings and virtual classes. It is currently being tested at the university and is only accessible to university staff. During this phase, the platform is RESERVED to AMU training staff, the tool being deployed in priority for pedagogical needs related to distance learning courses.

Students will use the standard Zoom software and will not use a Zoom AMU license. They will be able to join a virtual class created with Zoom AMU in guest mode or from their standard Zoom account.

In order to use the Zoom software, you must first complete this registration form: Accounts are created manually within 48 hours: please note that you will not receive an email confirming the creation of your account.

The Zoom platform is hosted within AMU's infrastructure. All exchanges and associated communications are encrypted end-to-end with our own certificates. In addition, all data generated by Zoom is stored on AMU servers.

The Zoom web conferencing software on the AMU platform can be accessed either directly through the web interface or by installing the desktop application, SSO connection.

Need help on the operation of AMUZoom?

6. Wooclap

Wooclap allows you to introduce interactivity during your teachings or lectures; it allows in a playful way to dynamize your presentation and to reactivate the attention of your audience.

Our university has just initiated a pedagogical partnership with this platform; you therefore have free access to this platform without limitation. For teachers active on AMeTICE, the Wooclap activity is directly accessible in a course.

Discover all the pedagogical advantages of this tool with this one minute video! Download this tutorial to learn more...

To create your Wooclap account, we invite you to go to this link then :

  • Click on University then University Aix-Marseille
  • Then, log in with your usual login and password.

You can also send us a ticket:

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