Other training courses (BU, HRD, URFIST)

1. BU training courses

The BUs offer you training throughout the year, either in the courses or on an à la carte basis (consultation of electronic resources, Zotero workshops, etc.). To find out about the training program, to register or to consult the materials, visit the BU website.

2. AMU HRD training courses

The Human Resources Department (DRH) offers various training courses throughout the year for university staff, including office automation training (AMU-Bureautique section). To see the program of planned training courses, log in with your ENT IDs to the HRD training offer site.


The Regional Scientific and Technical Information Training Unit, URFIST, has as its mission the training in the practices of digital information. It is intended for users of the universities of the academies of Aix-Marseille, Corte and Nice; as a teacher-researcher you can therefore register. These training courses include Zotero (online bibliographic compilation), Twitter and even Wordpress; some of them are organized directly at the CFRCB in Marseille, St Charles:

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