Other digital tools

1. ExeLearning

ExeLearning is an editorial channel, free and open source, easy to use. It allows to generate a pedagogical path in SCORM, IMS or an autonomous website; this path integrates multimedia content but also exercises or external wikis. These contents can be directly integrated into AMeTICE.

2 Opal and Scenari

Opale is a free and open source editorial channel, more complex to use than eXeLearning. It also allows the writing, management and multisupport publication of academic training documents (SCORM, Web, PDF).

3. working on images

If you need to work on images (cutting, color work, text insertion, restoration, blurring...), you can use Gimp, which is free and open source software.

You can also connect to this online application that allows you to do the basic work on an image to integrate it into online content (AMeTICE, website):

4. free online file converter

This online converter allows you to convert audio resources, texts, images, videos, ebooks, archives... in the most common formats:

5. convert a file to PDF or vice versa

Most word processors offer an integrated conversion of documents into.pdf files. Simply go to the Print menu (and select PDF) or convert it (usually File -> export). Finally, it is possible to use paid software such as Adobe Writer, which offers other tools such as the ability to create PDF forms. In order to view these files, we recommend that you use Adobe Reader software.

It is also possible to convert a PDF file into a doc file.

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