Mobility grants


International mobility for studies or internships is an experience that must be prepared in advance and its cost must be anticipated.
The International Relations Department can provide you with information and help you to apply for mobility grants.

How much does a mobility abroad cost?

The cost of a mobility will first of all depend on the cost of living in the host country or the host city (a mobility in London will be much more expensive than a mobility in another British city for example). The distance and related transport costs can also represent a significant expense. Finally, costs specific to certain destinations must be taken into account if necessary: visas, additional medical coverage, repatriation insurance....

On the other hand, and apart from a few exceptions, international mobility does not entail any additional costs related to university registration: registration fees must be paid to Aix-Marseille University before your departure and you are exempt from paying them in your host institution in the case of a study mobility.

What mobility aid is available to finance my international mobility?

Several mobility aid schemes are managed by the International Relations Department.
They correspond to different funding sources - the European Union, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI), the South Region, the University - and have specific eligibility and award criteria.

*Theamounts below are indicative and concern the mobilities of the academic year 2021-2022. The amounts for 2022-23 are awaiting confirmation and will be communicated later.

Erasmus+ grant from the European Union (studies and internship)

For a study or internship mobility in a country participating in the programme.

Country Group Studies Internship
Group 1
Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden.
370 EUR 520 EUR
Group 2
Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain.
EUR 320 EUR 470

Group 3
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey.

EUR 270 EUR 420









International Mobility Grant (AMI) from MESRI (studies and internship)

  • For a mobility abroad, without restriction of destination, only if you are a beneficiary of a grant on social criteria (CROUS)
    Amount: 400 euros per month for a maximum of 9 months financed over the entire university course.

Outgoing Mobility Plan Grant (PMS) from Aix-Marseille University subject to selection by your component (studies and internship)

  • Erasmus+ destinations
    Amount: 600 euros per month with an annual ceiling of 3 000€.
  • Non-Erasmus+ destinations
    Amount: 1,000 euros per month with an annual ceiling of 5,000€.

Aix-Marseille University Institute Mobility Plan (PMI) grant subject to selection by your component (studies and internship)

  • Erasmus+ destinations
    Amount: 600 euros per month with an annual ceiling of 3 000€.
  • Non-Erasmus+ destinations
    Amount: 1 000 euros per month with an annual ceiling of 5 000€.

International Mobility Grant from the South Region (studies)

  • For study abroad outside the European Union, Andorra and Monaco
    Amount: awaiting confirmation

PRAME-internship grant from the South Region (internship)

  • For an internship mobility abroad (outside Andorra and Monaco).
    Amount: 1000 € for one semester and 1500 € for two semesters

How can I obtain one of these grants for international mobility?

Obtaining an international mobility grant depends on several factors:

  • The request for financial aid is always subject to the prior validation of your mobility (internship agreement, selection for a study mobility)
  • Your mobility must be eligible for one of the funding sources (destination, duration, etc.)
  • For some funding, your personal profile (family quota, CROUS level) as well as your university level (especially for the PMS)
  • You must scrupulously respect the schedules and procedures communicated by your international mobility manager
  • All applications for grants are made through your online portal Moveon

Southern Region scholarships: in addition to the Moveon procedure, the student must go to the Region's portal by clicking hereto create an account and submit an online application by downloading the necessary documents.

Can I combine several grants for international mobility?

  • The grants of the South Region (PRAME internship and International Mobility Grant - studies) cannot be combined with other grants for international mobility.
  • The MESRI AMI grant can be combined with the Erasmus+ grant and the PMS grant.
  • The Erasmus+ and PMS grants can be combined
  • The UFA (Franco-German University) grant can be combined with Erasmus+ and AMI-MESRI but not with the PMS

I have already obtained a grant for an international mobility already carried out: am I eligible again?

  • For Erasmus yes only if I do not exceed 12 months of mobility in the same cycle (12 months in L/ 12 months in M/ 12 months in D)

Will I have to pay back my scholarship if I do not finish my mobility or if I do not validate my year abroad?

  • For Erasmus, it depends on whether the reduction of the period of study affects the eligibility to the program (minimum 3 months in study and 2 months in internship).
  • If the reduction of the period of mobility is less than 3 months (or 2 months for internships) then total reimbursement unless there is a justified case of force majeure.
  • If the period of mobility is reduced within the eligibility period, then reimbursement is prorated.
  • The question of non-validation is pedagogical and not related to the grant.


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