Institute Council

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Role and description of the Institute Council

The Institute is administered by an Institute Council which validates its major orientations in terms of research, training and innovation.

Among its main attributions, il validates the draft budget (operating, investment, payroll) and the financial accounts of the institute, It validates the programming of the Institute's actions proposed by the Director of the Institute, and gives an opinion on the assessments and evaluations proposed to it. He/she may also propose an amendment to the rules of procedure, decides on the composition of the advisory board and it appoints the members of the Scientific Council.

It also proposes the appointment of the Director of the Institute.

The Institute Council is composed of members with voting rights in two colleges, namely :

  • College 1, comprising the Dean of the UFR Sciences (or his representative), the Director of the IUT (or his representative), and the Director of Polytech Marseille (or his representative).
  • College 2, comprising the directors of the IRPHE, IUSTI, LMA and M2P2 laboratories (or their representatives).

A principle of parity of votes between the two colleges is ensured. College 1 has 12 votes divided into 4 votes per component and college 2 has 12 votes divided into 3 votes per laboratory.

The following are also full members of the Institute Council and have an advisory role: the Institute Director, the project manager, the Deputy Director of Training, the Deputy Director of Research, the Deputy Director of Socio-Economic Relationships, the director of the university's doctoral college or his representative, a representing mechanical and process engineering courses at the Ecole Centrale Marseille (appointed by the ECM management), and finally a full representative and an alternate representative of students and doctoral students appointed by the director of the institute on the proposal of the institute's student assembly.

The Board of the Institute shall be chaired by the Director of the Institute.

Whenever necessary and in an advisory capacity, the Institute Director may invite experts on a particular item or on the whole session to the Institute Council meetings.

The Institute Council is intended to meet at least twice a year.

A quorum shall be present if half of the votes are represented. Each member may give a proxy to another member with voting rights. No one may hold more than one proxy. If the quorum is not reached at the first convocation, the Institute Council will be reconvened within 8 days and will then be able to validly meet without quorum requirements. Decisions are taken by an absolute majority of those present or represented.