Horizon 2020 Programme

The H2020 programme at AMU

1. Assessment of the projects obtained

To this day, 110 projects were accepted for nearly 69.5 million of grants obtained. While awaiting the latest results from H2020 projects, the balance sheet, which is not yet final, already shows a clear improvement compared to the FP7 programme. Indeed, the current results already exceed those of the previous framework programme, both in terms of budgets obtained and number of projects (106 projects for €36.6M).

These excellent results allow AMU to confirm its position as the 1st French university in the "Health" programme and as the 2nd French university in terms of grants obtained.

Fully invested in the fight against COVID-19, AMU is also the French university with the highest number of European projects dedicated to the coronavirus.

The provisional processing of the latest data processed by MESRI also indicates that AMU is the 9th French academic participant and the 12th French beneficiary all actors combined.

In the section dedicated to this purpose, further down on this page, we invite you to consult the list of projects obtained within the framework of the H2020 programme.


2. Latest H2020 results obtained

As of 1 January 2021, more than 25 projects involving AMU researchers have been accepted. You will find below the latest results, including five projects in coordination by a team of AMU :

  • CIVIS3iH2020: new project obtained by the CIVIS Alliance, coordinated by the Directorate for Research and Development. COFUND Marie Sklodovska Curie project aimed at recruiting 32 Post-Docs - including 10 at AMU. See theannouncement on the AMU website.
  • GRETA MSCA IF scholarship, project of Paolo Tomasseti who will join the Social Law Centre in Alexis Bugada's team.
  • MUMDUPSC : MSCA IF scholarship, project of Leslie Caron who will join Marseille Medical Genetics in Frédérique Magdinier's team.
  • StorAIGE: ECSEL collaborative project, led by Jean-Michel Portal from IM2NP.
  • HoliSoil: collaborative project of the Défi Environnement, led by Mathieu Santonja from IMBE.
  • EURO-CGT: collaborative project of the Health Challenge, led by Aurélie Mahalatchimy from DICE.
  • MINKE : collaborative project on a research infrastructure, including the participation of Dominique Lefevre of the MIO.
  • RIS4CIVIS H2020 : project which constitutes the H2020 section of the European CIVIS Alliance, coordinated by Mr Philippe Delaporte, Vice-President Research of AMU.
    See the dedicatedarticle on the AMU website and the press release.
  • VPP4ISLANDS The H2020 project is a collaborative project of the Energy Challenge, coordinated by Seifeddine Ben Elghali of the LIS.

3. European calls dedicated to the fight against the coronavirus

As the French university with the highest number of European projects dedicated to coronavirus, AMU has won six projects, including one coordination, in response to the COVID calls launched by the European Commission and the Joint Technology Initiative " Innovative Medicine" (IMI JU).

  • Cordial-S: "Portable and fast surface plasmon resonance point-of-care test for COVID-19", a collaborative project involving Alain Roussel of the AFMB.
  • KRONOEvaluation of a production ready portable, Point-of-Nedd Platform (instrument and reagents), direct from nasal swab test for the molecular diagnostic detection of COVID-19 infection", collaborative project coordinated by Rémi Charrel from the UVE.
  • CARE: "Coron Accelerated R&D in Europe", a collaborative project involving Bruno Canard of the AFMB.
  • SCORE: "Swift COronavirus therapeutic REsponse", a collaborative research project of the Health Challenge involving Bruno Canard of the AFMB.
  • CONVAT:In "Combating 2019-nCoV: Advanced Nanobiosensing platforms for POC global diagnostics and surveillance". a collaborative research project of the Health Challenge involving Rémi Charrel and Bruno Coutard from the UVE.
  • RiPCoN: "Rapidinteractionprofilingof2019-nCoVfornetwork-baseddeepdrug-repurposelearning", a collaborative research project of the "Health" Challenge involving Christian Brun from TAGC (INSERM management).

The European Commission has also published a summary of projects supported since H2020 related to this epidemic. It includes three projects carried out by the UVE team: The European Virus Archive - GLOBAL(EVA-GLOBAL) project coordinated by this laboratory and two projects in partnership with PREPARE and ZAPI.

4. List of projects obtained in the framework of the H2020 programme.

Second French university in terms of grants obtained, the H2020 projects obtained by Aix Marseille University and its teams represent 110 projects for a total of €69.5M.

Pillar and section Number of projects
Pillar I - Excellence in science 71
ERC 15
FET 10
Joint Programmes 2
Infrastructure 4
Pillar II - Industrial leadership 6
Pillar III - Societal challenges 27
Health 17
Energy 2
Environment 4
Inclusive society 4
Spreading excellence and widening 3
Total 110

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