Forum theatre as a means of raising awareness of violence and discrimination


On the initiative of the Vice President for Equality between Women and Men and the Fight against Discrimination, and thanks to the support of the teachers who agree to host this project during their classes, the Synergies Théâtre company is touring Aix-Marseille University from November 14 to 18.
During this third edition, 15 prevention and awareness performances will be offered on different campuses*.
Each performance will include a presentation of Aix-Marseille University's Service for Respect and Equality, a one-stop shop for situations of violence, discrimination, and harassment, and a place to listen, prevent, report, and treat them.

"Exposed" prevention of trivialized sexism, gender assignments, invisibilization of women's skills, sexual harassment and violence in the student environment (in class, at parties)

"Fièr.e" prevention of LGBTphobia in the student environment and at the university: how to identify LGBTphobic acts, how to act and react on campus?

"Is it still appropriate?" prevention of ethnic, racial and social discrimination in higher education. How to identify them, how to create an inclusive climate? How to ensure access to internships for all?

Each performance will include a presentation by the Aix Marseille University Respect and Equality Service.

*Campuses visited: Law & ALLSH Schuman Aix, FEG Marseille, IAE Puyricard, Polytech Saint-Jérôme, Polytech Luminy, INSPE Aix and University of Toulon in the framework of the site contract.

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