A university with international ambitions rooted in its territory

Aix-Marseille University is today one of the youngest universities in France, it is also the largest by the number of its students, its staff and its budget. All of which made of Aix-Marseille University an institution of higher education and excellent research.

A multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary university

Aix-Marseille University offers training in all disciplines: Arts, Literature, Languages ​​and Humanities; Law and Political Science; Economics and Management ; Health; Science and Technology. An intensive research site in collaboration with leading organizations, AMU is one of the French sites of excellence recognized by an international jury as part of Future Investments. AMU is also among the sites labeled "Operation Campus", with 500 million euros in capital mobilized to renovate and modernize its university campuses. The AMU Foundation helps develop research, training and employability of students, while creating a privileged link with the socio-economic world. Training, research, guidance, employability, interdisciplinarity and exploitation of knowledge are the pillars of this establishment, largest university in France and the Francophone world.