ISFIN - Why join our Graduate School

Prepare your career in nuclear energy, whether in research or in industry, meet the main players, visit the sites, develop your network in France and abroad, acquire your knowledge in contact with the best in an exceptional scientific environment

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Aix Marseille (AMU) is at the heart of French and European research in nuclear fission and fusion, with several internationally renowned laboratories working on these topics. ISFIN's graduate school aims to help you benefit from this exceptional research environment by relying on

  • A strong collaboration between the laboratories located on the AMU site and the CEA Cadarache (80 km from Marseille), the largest nuclear fission research centre in Europe, the operator the Jules Horowitz nuclear reactor (RJH) and WEST tokamak (fusion device): practical work, master's courses, numerous joint PhD thesis, courses and seminars given by researchers specializing in the field, etc.
  • A strong proximity between the laboratories on the AMU site and the international organization ITER in charge of the construction and operation of the largest thermonuclear reactor in the world (ITER tokamak, Cadarache, 80 km from Marseille): joint research projects, joint PhD thesis, internships, master's degree courses given by researchers, educational visits to the facilities, etc.

ISFIN's Graduate School allows you to

  • Choose between a traditional university education or an apprenticeship education
  • Work and train on large installations from the Master's level onwards
TokamakWEST: group picture Tokamak WEST Control room
Work on the WEST Tokamak: group photo (left) and control room (right) © CEA-C.ROUX
  • Do an internship in industry or academic research in the first and second year of the Master's program
  • Follow courses and seminars given by professionals from ITER, CEA Cadarache, the nuclear industry, high level researchers...
  • Discover industrial (EDF) and research centres such as the RJH, CABRI, ITER, WEST installations...
Master IMM EDF Tricastin.jpg Récateur Polonais
Visit of the EDF Tricastin power plant (left) and the Polish Nuclear Reactor (right)


  • Benefit from an international mobility program and carry out short stays (during your master's degree) or longer research stays (during your doctorate, see PhD international mobility web page here) in leading facilities (fission/fusion) or in renowned laboratories abroad

Master IMM MIT Museum

International mobility: visit to MIT in the framework of the MOBIL-APP project

  • Choose from a wide range of courses in the IMM or Physics and in PhD

Yoana Nakeva, fellow student from ISFIN, talks about her experience at Master Physics, AMU

Possibility of scholarships for foreign students

Visit the page dedicated to scholarships

Jules Horowitz Reactor (RJH)