ISFIN - Mobility for doctoral students

Propose and realize your own scientific international mobility project within the course of your PhD

PhD Student Research International Mobility (SRIM)

What is the main objective of this call?

The ISFIN Graduate School aims at strengthening education through research, developing student disciplinary and interdisciplinary skills and knowledge, and internationalizing student education cursus.

To that aim the ISFIN Graduate School opens a yearly call for PhD student international mobility from 6 weeks up to- 3 months outside France. The philosophy of the call is to let you, PhD students, realize your own project within or around the thematic area of the institute.

Laureates will be provided with a budget suitable to realize their mobility, which can serve different purposes:

  • Move to another laboratory to learn a new technique
  • Move to another laboratory to work on the PhD subject or on a subject slightly different from the PhD topics (but somewhat related to)
  • Start a collaboration with another PhD student, with a researcher ...
  • Test an idea, an assumption in a laboratory equipped for
  • Get the label "European PhD". This label requires a 3-months mobility and other rules related to the PhD defense
  • Any other good motivation...

For more information, see the attached call opposite

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